Yes, Atheism Is a Genuine Religion

Religion does not need to be social, shared, a church; a person’s religion can be individual, singular, unique. Belief in the value of truth, dedication to the pursuit of truth, is itself a religious value, the one that underlies science. This is one way we might consider Atheism to be a religion. Read more

Of Blogging, the Virtues of Atheism, and the Epidemic Mental Illnesses That Are Destroying All Societies

I have not been posting much on this blog lately. My attention has been concentrated on getting out the first volume of the History of the Craft in America that has been growing for decades (and taking care of my family). My old friend Robert Matheisen, Professor Emeritus at Brown University, has been going over the penultimate draft with a fine-toothed comb and cries of glee, which I greatly appreciate, and I, not to lose momentum, have been getting the… Read more

Aljazeera Is Radio Free America–and Remember Pete Seeger

I switched to Aljazeera, and found a panel discussion about the lasting importance of Pete Seeger’s 80-odd years of activism. And it struck me that Aljazeera is the only news source that tells the truth, because it is not controlled by US corporations. Read more

Understanding the Divine Is Always Personal

I believe a primary agenda of the Divine is to protect our free will, our agency, by always leaving it ambiguous whether an intervention was a coincidence. But perhaps an even more primary agenda is to save our lives. Read more

Perhaps Another Way to Protect Teenagers from Suicide.

If you are a parent, I hope you know that suicide is the leading cause of death among teenagers. I just adore my 14-year-old, Chloe. At that age, kids feel SO grown up—when they are actually the most fragile and vulnerable. So it is time to be worried about her. Read more

“Credit” Is a Word Used to Exploit You: Step One in Economic Resistance

If enough people make the decision to turn their lives over to their Higher Power instead of to the 1 percent, the predatory lenders to whom billions of dollars in student loans are owed might get blown out of the water if their cash flow stops. Read more

Why Is Sex a Problem at All? The Poison of Puritanism

Why don’t human beings just have sex whenever they feel like it—which is usually—just for the pleasure of it? (It is Sunday morning. I did not listen to a sermon. As you can see, I instead wrote one—or, at least, a Pagan equivalent.) Read more

Retrieving the Myth of Jesus and Sophia, Part II

Understanding what the actual theology of the classical Gnostics was about depends on understanding what they meant by the Greek term “Paston,” usually translated as “bridal chamber.” In context the term meant a type of experience, not to a physical location, so it is better translated as “sacred marriage,” a term whose connotations are much clearer to us. I have made great use in writing (and, at least once, in a blessed moment in real life) of the fact that,… Read more

Retrieving the Myth of Jesus and Sophia, Part I

In various previous blogs I have been pursuing the myth of Jesus and Sophia. I think of that myth as a palimpsest over the historical Joshua and Miriam, one that encoded the theology of the Marianite Christians, the name I am giving to the community in Alexandria that I think was founded by Mary Magdalene after she fled from Judea to escape from assassination by the Romans and their quislings. We have only fragments of that story. Suppose we had… Read more

Goddess Murder, 36: The Holy Apostle Mary Sings of Her Husband; Dante II

XL. The Holy Apostle Mary Sings of Her Husband [An excerpt from the Gaulish Chronicles as translated by S. Dugan and A. Verrazano] When I was young, I waited for him, not knowing when he would come, or even if he would come. I did not know what he would look like; I had forgotten his appearance after I left our Father’s house. I dreamed of him, knowing that I loved him. On my bed by night I sought him… Read more

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