Came across a promissing project called  This group distributes independent documentaries on current affairs online for free.   Such innovative initiatives are desperately needed, as the corporate media’s stranglehold on debate is becoming a threat to America’s social and political health. 

Alternative delivery channels must be developed so that progressives and activists can bypass the sterile, complacent "debate" of the Corporate Media.  This is an area that the American Right is lightyears ahead on, btw, not that they really need it all that much, given how the mainstream media rarely really challenge their worldview.

It is interesting to see that Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit 911" is among the films that are available.  I wonder if this is because he donated it, or because he realizes that, contrary to the propaganda of Jack Valenti and company, in many cases free downloads not only do not hurt sales in stores, but create new customers.   (This is something I’ve always said about Napster and its immitators–how many who can afford to buy a CD or DVD are going to go to the trouble of burn one themselves?)