Guantanamo Action Center

Check out the Center for Constitutional Rights’ Guantanamo Action Center

This article in The Washington Post on suicide attempts in Guantanamo (one individual appears to have been so desperate that he made the attempt while his lawyer was visiting) makes for depressing reading.  Subhanallah.

Blood-thirsty bigots in Washington and in "patriotic" corners of the media will no doubt spin this as a cynical PR ploy by those cunning, fatalistic Moslem fanatics to deceive  the world rather than an example of human beings being pushed beyond reason by inhumane circumstances.    Muslims are always at fault regardless of circumstance, after all. Even when Muslims hurt only themselves, they’re violent and dangerous.

Seeing this done by "your" government makes you sick to be an American. 

Perhaps we need to importing rather than exporting democracy?

(A tip of the topi to Ateqah for both links.)

  • Zeeshan

    Salam Svend!
    Great blog. I enjoy your insight, as well as Shabana’s.
    I am an MA student at the City University of New York (CUNY), and spent the last semester interning/volunteering at the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) which you quoted in your posting.
    The state of affairs is truly depressing in regards to Guantanamo. I’ve had the privilege of working with the lawyers and the rest of the staff/team at CCR, and they are truly amazing individuals. As a Muslim, I consider it a moral duty to support them in whatever way I can and hope others do the same.
    Some day, the detainees will see justice served.
    Thanks for spreading the word…