A family member passes

My beloved laptop Mjolnir (the name of Thor’s hammer) has moved on to greener hotspots.  Please join me in a moment of silence in remembrance of this extraordinarily hard-working, loving and forgiving Dell Latitude C840, which gave me  4 wonderful years.  I’ll never forget you, Mjolnir.  Like your storied namesake, you flew true, smote my foes, and always returned to my gloved hand, burning hot…well…until you started flashing a blood-chilling "cannot find optical drive" error.  Now, you just reboot endlessly.

The most immediate consequence of this painful loss is that it’s harder for me blog, as I can only do the deed during stolen moments at work or when Shabana steps out of the room (her lightweight laptop’s keyboard is so small, though, that it’s positively claustrophic for my big hands).  So don’t be surprised I’m a blogger of few words for a while.  The cat’s got my tongue, and I don’t have the extra money to get it back at the moment (when I buy a laptop, I invest in a high-end model).

Need to find me a new laptop now, which is bad enough.  But replacing the gazillion programs I had installed on that puppy, courtesy of my buddies at Hafeez Center in Lahore, is going to be a real headache.  Perhaps, it’s time for another trip to Pakistan…

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