The straight dope on smoking sheesha

I feel like one of those holy yet strangely unpopular people who
circulate long lists of beloved foods and products that might contain
an ingredient which sometimes contains an additive that can be produced
using something that is sometimes derived from a pig. 

Sometimes ignorance is really bliss and you wish people would just let you wallow in your ignorance.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I share the sad tidings that,
contrary to the conventional wisdom, sheesha smoke is not "lighter" or
more "filtered" than cigarettes.

Here’s the article: "One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes"

  • reformist muslim

    Very true – one point though. Are smoking cigarettees immoral like eating pig is? I’ve heard the case made that it is abusing the body which you have been given by Allah. I’m not wholly convinced by this though.
    I’m sure that some people will give up sheesha after they know its bad for the health but others will take a more relaxed approach.
    Out of curiosity are you going to stop smoking sheesha and if so for health/religious reasons?

  • Svend White

    I’ve always heard that it’s makrukh (strongly discouraged but allowed) as opposed to haram.
    As for giving it up, to be honest I haven’t been in the habit for a while.
    I’ll probably remain the occasion “social [sheesha] smoker”, though.
    The biggest disincentive is probably the grief I get afterwards for bringing home all that smoke in my clothes. I don’t notice it, but Shabana smells it a mile away.

  • reformist muslim

    Thanks for the info – Makruh is probably about right, although a lot of people seem to have different standards when judging boys who smoke and girls who smoke.