Hurricane Katrina and religion in America (article by me)

I have an article in the current issue of Islamica Magazine, "Comprehending Catastrophe", on the Hurricane Katrina tragedy and what it says about American political and religious life.

Don’t let my presence in its pages fool you.  This magazine has some heavy hitters. 

Please support it.

  • Carsten Agger

    Hi Svend,
    more Danes spreading hatred. If you want to know from what kind of climate the drawings came, read this:
    and tremble. (The article in question is the most recent one, “Frø af ugræs”).
    I hang my head in shame. But, please note that a majority of Danes regard this kind of rhetoric as paranoid hokum, and please note that our Prime Minister is distancing himself from the extreme right right now (and well he should).

  • Svend White

    Thanks for the link, Carsten. Yuck.
    No big surprise, given that its coming from the infamous Pia Kjærsgaards.
    Her comparison of the boycott to 9/11 is ridiculous, though quite predicatable. And her reference to Danish Muslims as the “internal enemy” is about as xenophobic and fascist (more specifically, Maoist) as you can get.
    Of course, I realize that her vitriol is unrepresentative of normal Danes, even if Denmark is going through a tumultous period.
    The Danes, who once donned Stars of David to save Jews from the Nazis, have a long history of supporting humane values and dialogue. I have no doubt that this will pass. Societies are like people–they go through phases and fads. Some are good, and some bad.