More on the pig pic

The Danish Muslim delegation disputes the charge, widely made in Denmark, that they misrepresented the case by bogus images in addition to the 12 published by Jyllands-Posten.  They say this was the result of the mistaken distribution of a printout of an email attachment that they’d received.

Am not sure whether this addresses all the charges (e.g., I think I saw a different picture, which was considerably worse) or whether this explanation has been rebutted by their Danish critics.

Must say that in any case, I don’t think it was appropriate to show that printout at a press conference about the newspaper’s cartoons.  Hatemail of various sorts is a fact of life in politics and, thus, didn’t warrant inclusion. 

From Islam Online:

“After the publication appeared to be slipping out of control, we sent letters of protest to Jyallands Posten with our names and e-mails written below, then we received threats, swear words and a third set of pictures from racists including a photo of a man from a pig-squealing contest [in France] and the name ‘Muhammad’ written down.

Samha asserted that when he showed the photos to reporters at a press conference in Cairo following his meetings with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa and Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Sayed Tantawi, he made it very clear that this photo was sent to Danish Muslims by e-mail.

“I never said, as Danish newspapers now claim, that this photo was published by Jyallands Posten,” he fumed. “The TV cameras, which aired the news conference, took the photo but left the sound.”

[Thanks for the link, Deni!]