When superstition kills

The pervision and cruel irony of this problem in Malawi is stunning.

For whatever it’s worth, Malawi is 75% Christian (55%, Protestant; 20%, Catholic), 20% Muslim, and 5% animist & other religions.

“Have Men in Our Land Chosen to Become Worse Than Beasts?” (IPS News Service)

In addition to their concerns about wife battering, activists say they are alarmed at apparent increases in rape, underage sex and molestation perpetrated by men [in Malawi] who believe that intercourse with a child or a virgin can rid them of HIV.

“There is (a) theory applied by the witchdoctors that people who tested HIV-positive could cleanse themselves of the virus if they slept with girl-children,” Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Henry Phoya has noted.

  • http://twennytwo.blogspot.com TwennyTwo

    Peace, Svend,
    Unfortunately, this has been happening for at least a decade. I studied the phenomena in my public health class and was aghast. This was the class where I was the only black woman in a class of seriously 60 ppl.
    This particular prof. was wise and honest enough to admit the truth: AIDS is exploding in Africa without ANY stoppage b/c of superstitions like this that keep going- I mean, if a man takes 10+ years to be stricken visibly by aids after trying to ‘cure’ himself with this practice, that means the girl he’s victimized has been living with it 10 years herself, possibly had children, maybe even married.
    To this day I still love that particular prof, who used to work for the World Bank on P.H. issues, because he actually knew the answer when I looked him straight in the eyes and asked him why there isn’t much info out there on AIDS in Middle Eastern, Islamic countries: They’re all in denial.
    Just my $.02.