Mob rule & what passes for piety among the mullahs

This article in IPS, "PAKISTAN: Cartoon Protests Cripple Local Trade", would make me laugh if it weren’t so tragic and painfully familiar.

More examples of the reduction of Islamic piety to nihilistic hooliganism:

The once popular Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet here, which was torched and looted on Feb. 15, during a massive rally joined by 75,000 protesters, now stands draped, incongruously, with banners carrying verses from the Quran. At least three persons were killed and hundreds injured when the rally turned riotous.

My guess is these cowardly cretins didn’t include one particularly appropriate verse from the Quran: "And Allah loveth not those who make mischief" in the land (5.64).  According to Islam, these people are criminals subject to harsh punishments.

Speaking of blasphemy, how about punishing those who associate the Blessed Quran with this filth?  There should be a counter-protest of real Muslims who string up these posturing zealots for desecrating the Quran by associating it with their evil handywork.  The idea of adorning such a site if such gross lawlessness and fitnah with ayats of the Quran is sickening.

The sophistication and piety of the protests is revealed in all its glory in this quip, though:

”Firing gunshots and putting flags on fire will book us a place in paradise,” said Arshad Khan, a student who enthusiastically takes part in the rallies.

Whereas the great Rabia al-Basri famously pledged to love Allah for His sake only and without the slightest thought to her own welfare, these ignorant knaves reduce Islam to a gumball machine.  They insert a coin of "direct action", mullah-style, and out pops their salvation, regardless of the state of their heart, their intentions, or even whether they violate Islam’s most basic principles while pursuing their own selfish ends.

Even heads of educational institutions have been actively involved in this fitnah:

”Vice-chancellors of the local universities have been leading anti- cartoon demonstrations– which is beyond all comprehension,” said Gul Ghutai, a class nine school student.

Self-proclaimed defenders of Islam and the Prophet in Pakistan–who tend to be enthusiastic advocates of  implementing medieval Shariah laws in modern society–should be consistent and call for implementing the hudood against rioters, especially those who looted and attacked innocent people.  (Ever notice how a lot of Muslims only show interest in huddood and Shariah when women are involved? )

So, let the amputations begin, starting first with the organizers who stood in silence as people looted shops. Theft, vandalism and arson doesn’t become halal just because you’re chanting slogans defending the Prophet.  Let these benighted ringleaders be judged by the standards they advocate for everybody else.

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