UNICEF: 25% of world children seriously underweight

UNICEF – Press centre – A Quarter of the World’s Children Seriously Underweight

“The lack of progress to combat undernutrition is damaging children and nations,” said UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman, speaking on her first anniversary as head of the global children’s agency. “Few things have more impact than nutrition on a child’s ability to survive, learn effectively and escape a life of poverty.”

Another snippet:

“Despite progress in some countries, developing-world averages for underweight children have dropped just five percentage points in the last 15 years. Today, 27 per cent of children in developing countries are underweight – around 146 million. Nearly three quarters of the world’s underweight children live in just ten countries, and over half in just three countries: Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. These figures are just the tip of the iceberg, according to UNICEF.

Meanwhile, so-called leaders in America obsess about the co-called War on Terror.

  • http://abusinan.blogspot.com Abu Sinan

    This is sad. We need another warning here in the States. It would read like this “Warning, over 50% of Americans are serious overweight.”

  • http://www.snappingturtle.net/jmc/tmblog/ TM Lutas

    Fact: There is sufficient food grown and raised around the world that all that is needed is the money to buy it. There is no natural need for starvation, the food supply exists to feed everybody. That being said, why is there hunger left in the world? I would suggest that bands of parasites, usually taking the label of government, but sometimes warlord or other variant make it impossible for people to earn and keep sufficient money to buy food. They do this both by stealing for themselves and by creating rules designed to ensure they remain in power but having the side effect of wrecking the economy.
    Ultimately, this is not a problem that the American republic can solve. If it were to actually morph into empire it would be a different story but the Republic is not built to fix this sort of thing.

  • http://akramsrazor.typepad.com svend

    This reply is long overdue, but right though you are, TM, one must also note willingness of Western nations to aid and abet this thievery. We lent money to the Mobutos of the world knowing full well that the money was more likely to go into gold-plated faucets or Swiss bank accounts, yet now we demand the people of these nations to pay these debts back?

  • http://www.snappingturtle.net/jmc/tmblog/ TM Lutas

    svend – My one legitimate contribution to mainstream fame is in the assertion that there are “implicit villains” (I’m a footnote in a book on geopolitics on this point) in the connected Core that mediate connectivity and enable these bad men to maintain their grip on power. But it is much more than selling them arms and swiss bank accounts.
    A “for instance” of our cooperation with evil (though this isn’t implicit villainy) that few think about is that if I were to try to overthrow a foreign dictator while I was in the US, US law enforcement would come to my house and arrest me. It is a crime. Cubans get in trouble for plotting against Castro so it isn’t just a case of the US government protecting its dirty friends.
    Asking for debt repayment on the other hand is something of a tricky matter. The more we write off, the less likely that new private money will go into these countries as private lenders (very likely rightly) conclude that they cannot expect to get their money back from someone who has just had 95% of their debts written off. The higher the writeoff the more difficult future lending will be. True charity would be in buying up the debt and donating it to the national treasuries of the issuing countries but that’s not something that a government could do.