Islamist mods of popular video games

Speaking of Muslims and the Internet…

Islamists using US video games in youth appeal – Yahoo! News

Tech-savvy militants from al Qaeda and other groups have modified video war games so that U.S. troops play the role of bad guys in running gunfights against heavily armed Islamic radical heroes, Defense Department official and contractors told Congress.
"Battlefield 2" ordinarily shows U.S. troops engaging forces from China or a united Middle East coalition. But in a modified video trailer posted on Islamic Web sites and shown to lawmakers, the game depicts a man in Arab headdress carrying an automatic weapon into combat with U.S. invaders.

In another article, a Pentagon consultant observed, "You can see where the games are set to psychologically condition you to go kill coalition forces." 

Gee, sounds a lot like how most of Hollywood’s Middle East themed movies (e.g., "True Lies", "Blackhawk Down") video games treat Muslims.

Here’s a video clip of the modified games.

  • MrEspy

    Thought you might find this interesting:

  • TM Lutas

    MrEspy – Spooky link but I do question how far dominionism is something that exists outside the fever dreams of the secular left. Of the christians on this planet, the vast majority are either Catholic or Orthodox, both of whom would be on the target list of this video game. Christians killing differing christians is something taken very seriously and a lot of work goes on to make sure that sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life. Like all human endeavors, there are failures (N. Ireland for example).
    All in all, these dominionists seem a pretty good ideological analogue to muslim islamists. So why are the dominionists objectively such a smaller threat? Can muslims learn from christians about extremist control?