KY Christians demanding schools teach “BC” and “AD”

From The Forward: Religious Groups Push Kentucky Schools To Use ‘Before Christ’

Activists, along with the governor and other state politicians, have accused the State Board of Education of attempting to drive Christianity from the classroom through the use of secular notations, like BCE for “Before the Common Era,” in place of religious ones, like B.C. for “Before Christ.” The Western calendar counts years from the traditional birth of Jesus. The use of the notations B.C. and A.D. (anno Domini, Latin for “the year of the Lord”) has been avoided for more than a century by religious Jews who use the notations BCE and C.E. That practice has been gaining currency in some parts of the country in recent years.

  • I am Satan’s Buddy

    I think we should use AS for Anno Satanas, i.e, it is now 40 AS.
    Ave Luceferi!

  • svend

    Thanks for the “suggestion”.
    Of course, the idea is paradoxical, as without even getting into the fact that belief in Satan presupposes belief in God, Satanists don’t actually believe in anything outside the material world. For them as atheists, Satan is merely a metaphor.
    Though perhaps your suggestion makes sense. It, like Satanism itself, is a prank, a protest rather than a serious proposition. (Not that there aren’t serious atheists out there, but they don’t define themselves in opposition to the dominant belief system of their day in order to shock society.)
    Btw, if this is 40 AS what happened in 1966 to launch the new era?

  • sheilax

    Cult of literalism?
    What a nice oxymoron for the Dark Side. hahaha…
    May the force be with you.

  • Ari

    I suppose it shows the even the most innocuous of statements and actions carries with it cultural baggage: whether I refer to the date in years calculated from the birth of Jesus, or since creation (Jewish calendar), or since the birth of Kim Il-Sung (Juche calendar), I’m unconsciously conforming or resisting a particular set of values.
    The impossible struggle for a completely neutral state continues.