Mozaffar on “The Jewish Mirror”

Mozaffar has a thoughtful post on the similiarities between Jews and Muslims, a topic that has long been dear to my heart.

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If the Prophet -p- has been reported to have said that we (Muslims) and they (the Jewish people) are so alike that we are like two shoes of a pair, then what does that tell you? Further, look at al-Baqarah; our Blessed Creator speaks to us by way of speaking to the Children of Israel, and then (almost immediately afterwards) speaks directly to us. He even repeats some of the same things that He says to them. What does that tell you?

  • Irving Karchmar

    Salaam Alaikum:
    It tells you that Jews and Muslims come from the same semetic gene pool, and are only as different as religion and politics makes them. We are all brothers and sisters. Alhamdulillah!

  • svend

    Brothers that the world (which includes the foolishly tribal theology of many believers) has set against one another.

  • luckyfatima

    u know i read that hadeeth somewhere once and mentioned it to someone when i was explaining that a lot of orthodox jewish practices are similar to Muslims ones, more so than to Christian ones. the person got very upset and said NO Muslims are most alike to Christians, then pulled out Surah 5:82
    Do u know where this hadeeth comes from and it degree of authenticity? I wish I could have whipped it out then hee hee

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