Priests spank imams in Denmark

This has to be one of the odder images of interfaith dialogue yet. Priests and  imams settling the Crusades on the soccer field. 

I’m sad to report that my team (though I must confess to being a bit torn, being both Danish and Muslim) got thrashed 7-0, and despite some healthy trash talking (apparently, the imams made the mistake of playfully promising to "eat them for breakfast"; I guess the priests decided to dust off their Viking helms and just go medieval on them).

Too bad the imams couldn’t draft Tariq Ramadan, who I understand was an avid and talented footballer in his younger days in Switzerland.  He could’ve been our Saladin.

The event was to kick off a three day "Islam Expo" in held Copenhagen recently.  The background is Amalienborg, a castle and winter home of the royal family in Copenhagen.

The Danish-enabled can read about it here.

Who would the "soccer hooligans" be here?  Hizbul Tahrir?

BTW, what’s with the harnesses?