I’ve taken a second wife

She’s a svelte, multi-lingual beauty from Sweden. Now, if she just spoke Arabic, too, she’d be perfect.

Here’s a recent photo:


C-Pen 20 Handheld Scanner

C-Pen 20 Pen Scanner scans text, numbers, barcodes and small images from forms, invoices and other printed or hand-printed documents/books/magazines. C-Pen recognizes text in over 167 languages. The scanned data is transferred immediately into your PC, laptop or Win XP based handheld device. C-Pen 20 free integration software creates possibilities for high speed scanning solutions in virtually any field of data entry.

Seeing my eyes light up with lust as I feverishly unwrapped my new toy, Shabana spontaneously quipped that the ‘C’ on the box must stand for "concubine". 

Well, it is a handheld scanner…  (Get it?.)

So far, I’m quite impressed, even if it doesn’t handle diacritics and macrons (which abound in academic books on Islam due to the transliterated Arabic words) so well.

More later.

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