“28 Weeks Later” a pleasure

Watched "28 Weeks Later" tonight with buddy and cousin-in-law’s husband Usman in their Golumn-esque-jealousy-inspiring, hi-fi/wide-screen basement home theater.

Aside from a few ghoulish touches (especially the grisly and truly gratuitously violent end of  the hero/villain’s wife; what the @^&#@ was that about?!?), I found it extremely well done, and surprisingly pleasant for an action-packed and genuinely scary "zombie flick" (technically, they’re not zombies, being rather living people infected by a horrific virus).

It was really surprisingly good, especially for a sequel. In fact, I prefer it to the original.

Incidentally, the virus turns normal people into mindless and incredibly violent killing machines within 20 seconds of being infected. There was something eerily familiar about it all, but I couldn’t put my finger on it for a while.

Then I had the epiphany. The scenario describes a sizable chunk of America’s political class today, driven to bloodthirsty madness by saber-rattling FOX News "bites", politically-biased and heinously oversimplified soundbytes.

And most of the GOP candidates at the moment, with the robotic, mindless slogans they repeat about the existential threat allegedly posed by, to use Romney’s clicheed mantra, "violent radical Jeeehad".