NYT: Kidney Thefts Shock India

This report from India proves that stories of involuntary kidney donations can no longer be dismissed as urban legends. It’s absolutely horrifying and infuriating. A chilling new (perhaps more honest) face to Globalization, not to mention the endless demands for Deregulation.

I disagree on one thing in the article. The perpetrators (and their many abettors) shouldn’t be hanged–they should be slowly lowered into a wood chipper.

Kidney Thefts Shock India – New York Times

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  • http://www.blogistan.co.uk/blog/ Yusuf Smith

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,
    Surely qisas comes into play here. (Does one lose both kidneys when one has removed hundreds, but left nobody with less than one kidney?) The fact that they have been running an organ trafficking racket may class as the sort of corruption which might merit the death penalty, but Allah knows best.

  • svend

    Salaams. An interesting question.
    On an unrelated point, this reminds me of another tricky, but necessary ethical calculation: How many bulldozed homes, maimings and ruined lives equal a suicide bombing?