OBL threatens Europe after the republication of the Danish cartoons

The latest development in the cartoon wars.

Bin Laden slams EU over prophet cartoons – Yahoo! News

Osama bin Laden criticized the publication of drawings insulting to the Prophet Muhammad in a new audio message posted late Wednesday and warned Europeans of a strong reaction to come.

The message, which appeared on a militant Web site that has carried al-Qaida statements in the past and bore the logo of the extremist group’s media wing al-Sahab, showed a still image of bin Laden aiming with an AK-47.

The idiocy never ends. This controversy will probably still rage in a millenium, when the world is run by roaches.

  • oskar

    It is unfortunate that the Muslim world will be forever either hated or despised by the rest of humanity because of the views of this degenerate ObL. He is ready to strike violence wherever to preserve Islam in his view since that is all his brand of Islam knows. Kill in the name of the prophet, but don’t show his image. Kill in the name of the prophet by having brave Jihadist men send women suicide bombers into markets and gatherings of innocent people. Kill in the name of the prophet, but don’t take responsibility for the barbaric interpretation of Islam. When are true Muslims going to protest the violence claimed in their name? When are they going to protest these atrocities instead of the simple silliness of letting a teacher’s class name a teddy bear after the prophet? When is Islam going to join the world instead of killing any attempt to come into the 21st century? When is Islam going to live up to the ideals of the prophet?

  • Safia

    It could be an old recording. According to that article, the tape didn’t specifically mention the republishing of the cartoons (it just referenced the fact that they were published). And it didn’t make a mention of the Iraq war anniversary, even though it was released today.
    So it could be old, who knows, maybe bin Laden and his merry men recorded a bunch of these propaganda tapes before he died/went into hiding/etc.

  • junaid

    Svend: have you seen “I am Legend”?
    It is similar to your prognosis here.