Danish embassy bombed in Islamabad

The Danish embassy in Islamabad was bombed today. No Danes were hurt, but several innocent Pakistanis lost their lives to this senseless savagery.

Which makes sense in a grisly way, as throughout this ridiculous conflict (about which I've blogged at length) the victims of these so called defenses of Islam have and continue to be mostly Muslim. In fact, the organization most devastated by this terror attack an UNDP supported NGO that is, unlike these zealots, helping the people of Paksitan.

The Hindu : International : 6 die in blast at Danish embassy

The brunt of the explosion was taken by the office of a UNDP-backed NGO, located opposite the embassy. The front portion of the building caved in completely, with papers and files strewn around.

Nice work. Perhaps for their next feat of idiotic savagery, the mullahs will target the Edhi Foundation?

As if Pakistan doesn't have enough problems these days.

The only shaheeds there were those poor security guards.

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