Latest pseudo-science inspired by this blog’s title

I see it more of a quirk of the unexpected workings of Internet media than anything else, but as I’ve mentioned before, despite my blog’s quite modest traffic every now and again a contributor to an online forum will refer in all seriousness to the famous philosophical principle of, ahem, “Akram’s Razor.” The actual precept is called, of course, Occam’s Razor. (I explained the reasoning behind my pretentious neologism when I set up the blog in 2005.)

Here are the two latest examples I’ve come across.

1. A comment (posted only a month or so ago, fetched from Google’s cache since the link’s now broken) in a discussion on an engineering magazine’s online forum on, I kid you not, the feasibility of Cold Fusion:

Regardless of PERSONAL OPINIONS, there remains the fact that Neutrons just dont get up and move because they don’t like their neighbours and that Helium just doesn’t appear out of nowhere! Highly regarded laboratories around the world are providing some evidence that there is excess heat.
(please see Thermodynamics for the morons that are to silly to realise that they can be wrong ) I believe that Galileo was wrong and so were some very great scientist in history that funnily enough we now revere and quite happily tout as the greats. No matter how we want to put it there is evidence pointing straight towards Cold fusion being somewhat of a reality. ( please see Akram’s Razor and  once again for the morons, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a DUCK!
The truth is that no one understands the process and it will take some time for physics to meld the process into their thought processes but no matter how you want to take it something is happening that is reported to give us Helium, Stray Neutrons and Gamma Rays and all of this from good old water….. HMMMMMMMM!!!

2. Then there’s this contribution from last year to the Heroes forum on (emphasis also added). Forums – I think I know where Sylars Power of Freezing comes from. Possible Spoilers.

On wikipedia and a bunch of other sites it says that Sylars power of Freezing is unkown where he gets it from. I think it is quite obvious where he got his power from Molly Walkers father. When we first see him he is frozen with his head cut-off eating cereal. Whenever Sylar gets a new power he always tests it out as soon as he gets it. When he got his Telekinesis he showed Mr. Suresh, Precognitive Painting from Issac he paints himself as the President, Liquification from Zane Taylor he melts everthing in th Apartment, Enhanced hearing from Dale everything is super loud and Radiation Manipulation from Ted Sprague he is on the roodtop making explosions in the palm of his hand. So why wouldnt he freez Molly Walkers dad after he cut of his head and stole his power because he killed her Mom by stabing her with household objects. Also we know Powers run in the Family, Hiro’s Dad had a power, Parkman’s Dad. Peter/ Nathans Dad/Mom, and Claires Dad and Mom. So what do you think is my theory correct or am I way off??? Akrams razor states the most obvious answer is usually the right one.

Thanks, dudes, but with all due respect I think you need to get your head out of your twitter and read some, like, books. Especially that first guy. Sure wouldn’t want to use any technological device designed by an engineer so careless as to cite my blog in a scientific discussion!

As online typos go, this case seems unique in that, so far as I can tell, there is no other possible source for this mistake. An interesting and ironic index of  influence in the New Media.

I wonder how many other instances there of this weird slip.

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