Some background on the Dutch diversity volte-face

Haroon Siddiqui has written an interesting and informative article on the evolution of Dutch attitudes towards immigrants and Muslims.  He also argues that the pendulum is swinging - How the tolerant Dutch became so intolerant For the last five years, the story from liberal Holland has been that it had gone from being multicultural to being xenophobic. It had shut the door on immigrants, warehoused its refugees in camps and turned on its own 1 million Muslims. The latest … [Read more...]

Norm Solomon on selective outrage over barbarism

The ever insightful Norm Soloman on the consequences of the American media's spineless and selective coverage of wartime atrocities in "Their Barbarism, and Ours" : "The story really takes us back into the 8th century, a truly barbaric world," John Burns said. He was speaking Tuesday night on the PBS "NewsHour With Jim Lehrer," describing what happened to two U.S. soldiers whose bodies had just been found. Evidently they were victims of atrocities, and no one should … [Read more...]

Comparing US Muslims to European Muslims

A very interesting article in The Economist.Look out, Europe, they say Why so many Muslims find it easier to be American than to feel European … [Read more...]

The usual dehumanizing (and absurd) assumptions about Muslims

Commenting on the apparent coverup campaign by the Israeli military of its shelling of a Palestinian family that was picnicing on the beach,  Jonathan Cook provides an excellent illustration of the unspoken dehumanizing assumptions of  Muslims being congenitally irrational and prone to violence that infect so much coverage in the Western media.  [HT: Mostly Water] From "Israel Engineers Another Cover-Up" in CounterPunch:  The army has been claiming for more than a … [Read more...]

Pentagon in 2006: Homosexuality a mental illness

BBC NEWS | Americas | Pentagon gay 'disorder' list row US lawmakers are calling on the Pentagon to change a document listing homosexuality as a "mental disorder".[HT: MostlyWater] … [Read more...]

Progressive Faith Blog Con

I realize that the whole 20th century practice of meeting other human beings in the flesh flies in the face our way of life, but nonetheless there's a neat event coming up in New Jersey for those of us who blog about religion and spirituality and who are on the Left. It's the Progressive Faith Blog Con being held at Montclair State University in the Garden State July 14-16. Shabana and I would love to attend, but its proximity to our exodus from bondage in DC at the beginning of August makes … [Read more...]

Jyllands-Posten’s noble efforts finally bear fruit

Some considerably less upbeat news from the state of Denmark, and from Jutland, Jylland-Posten's heartland.  The Danish newspaper Politiken reports (my translation): According to Aalborg Police, approximately 110 threating letters have been mailed directly to northern Jutlanders with Muslim-sounding names. "In the past, we have had individual cases of racism but nothing at all on this scale.  So we take it very seriously.  It is deeply tasteless action and a punishable … [Read more...]

Priests spank imams in Denmark

This has to be one of the odder images of interfaith dialogue yet. Priests and  imams settling the Crusades on the soccer field.  I'm sad to report that my team (though I must confess to being a bit torn, being both Danish and Muslim) got thrashed 7-0, and despite some healthy trash talking (apparently, the imams made the mistake of playfully promising to "eat them for breakfast"; I guess the priests decided to dust off their Viking helms and just go medieval on them). Too … [Read more...]