Egypt's Copts: Channelling anger into civic engagement

In the aftermath of last week’s bombing of the St. Mark and St. Peter’s Church in Alexandria, Egypt, which left 23 dead, Muslims can show their solidarity with Christians by taking a political stance against the Egyptian government’s divide-and-rule tactics, which only serves to breed dissent. [Read more…]

Year in review: The top ten good news stories of 2010

It might not have been a very good year for Muslims around the world, but 2010 provided some doses of inspiration that could signal brighter days lie ahead. After digging into the details for the past 12 months, here is a closer look [Read more…]

Mohamed Mohamud: For God or for fame?

Mohamed Mohamud had never been to Afghanistan or Pakistan, and he had never spent time with any real life terrorists; his aspirations were shaped by what he saw on TV and on the internet, and his plan was conceived with the help of the FBI. [Read more…]

The Aasia Bibi case: A sip of water

The existence of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws institutionalises the persecution of religious minorities and allows anyone wishing to target them an avenue through which all manner of personal or political vendettas can be avenged [Read more…]

WikiLeaks: Exposing the hypocrisy of Muslim governments

Perhaps lost in the embarrassment felt by the US government over leaked cables by the website WikiLeaks are revelations that Muslim nations – from Yemen to Afghanistan, Pakistan to Egypt – have been deceiving their own people about the their own policies. [Read more…]

The haj: From Mecca, a promising speech

A haj speech by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia calling for moderation and condemning violence and terrorism may not seem groundbreaking, but gains tremendous significance when considering his traditionalist background. [Read more…]

Oklahoma SQ 755: The unintended consequences of anti-sharia legislation

Critics of Shariah in Oklahoma argue that they oppose it because it is against freedom of religion. In this age, when ignorance and bigotry are being celebrated in America, I am sure that most observers missed the irony in the situation. [Read more…]

Foreign policy: Mr. Obama goes to India

The President’s trip to India highlights a deepening, if complicated, relationship between the world’s largest democracy and the world’s oldest one. More effort will be needed to achieve this relationship’s greatest potential. [Read more…]

Education: Religious bias in US textbooks?

Backlash against improvement in the coverage of religions – not only Islam – has resulted in claims that coverage is too positive. But efforts to improve accuracy are confused with proselytising or whitewashing, which is neither the intent nor the outcome of teaching about religions in public school. [Read more…]

Human rights: Sakineh’s case & beyond

The presence of stoning punishments for sexual crimes in the law books of Muslim countries and the lack of challenges posed to them from within Islam are a cause for urgent concern for all Muslims. [Read more…]