In an age where traditions are often the first to be consistently challenged as an obstacle to modernity or are being dismissed as cultural with no religious connotations, a new appreciation for the role they play in keeping us civilized needs to be emphasized. Read more

The month eventually left. But my renewed love of God, of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and of Islam stayed. Ever since then I’ve gone through spiritual highs and lows, but that Ramadan left me with the greatest gift of all: consistency in salah, the five daily prayers. Read more

Each Ramadan, I give myself the time to acknowledge and reflect on the wounds of disconnection, busyness, and inattention to myself and to the ones I love over the past year.  Through this recognition, we can clear out space in our hearts, stomachs, and days so that, eventually, love and forgiveness (which are just other words for the Creator) may enter and plant something new within and around us. Read more

When you see that girl with a messed-up reputation at uni [university] putting on the hijab and praying in Ramadan — that isn’t ‘trying to acting holy.’ That’s the essence of Iman. When you see the guy give up the club, put down the bottle, and replace listening to rap tunes with the Book of Allah in Ramadan — that isn’t fake. That’s the pinnacle of faith. Read more

During Ramadan we make extra efforts to be conscious and aware of our voice, manner and behavior. It’s easy to be kind to those we know and love, but what about extending this to work colleagues who challenge us, neighbors who disturb us and strangers who cross our daily journey? Read more

What I propose is a priority fast. A priority fast is when you keep to the activities that are most important to you and not to everyone else. Practice Islam within your frame of obedience and increase your deeds at a suitable pace set by your spiritual needs. Read more

Wonder why you feel so good during Ramadan? Of course, it has a lot to do with you being on a spiritual high, but the biochemical basis may be because fasting causes our natural endorphins to kick in. Endorphins are associated with feeling of euphoria and help boosts our immunity. Read more

There is a beauty about this blessed and holy month that fills one’s soul with ease and comfort. But having recently moved to Beirut, Lebanon for my career, being without my tight knit family during Ramadan is not easy to swallow. I can be without food and water but being without the love of my family has proven harder than fasting. Read more

I do identify as Latina and American, which are identities that I appreciate and inherited. However, the identity that I strive to hold onto, to maintain, and to die on, is my Islamic identity. Read more

We cannot live in a time where a fight is needed and sit quietly. And do not be confused about it, we live in a time where a real fight is needed. Simply feeling bad about it in the heart which has been described as the weakest form of “faith” is not what this current moment demands of us. Read more

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