The Necessary Unburdening of Muslim Communities

We are not better human beings because we are Muslim; we are the best of people when we are brave enough to look in the mirror, name what hurts and then engage in the jihad that is repairing what is broken. Read more

Between Loyalty and Honor – Holding Our Religious Scholars to Higher Standards of Behavior

In order for Muslim scholars to properly interpret our foundational texts in accordance with the changing times, we must hold them to a higher standard of behavior and hold ourselves to a higher standard of intellectual honesty. Read more

Time Running Out for DREAMers and the DACA Program

Trump himself has recognized that DREAMers are “absolutely incredible kids” who deserve to be treated “with heart.” According to the Pentagon, approximately 900 DREAMers currently serve in the military or have signed contracts to begin service. Read more

The Emotional Landmines of a ‘Hot Take’ Article

Takes are wonderful when hot and fresh, but the next day, when emotions and reasoning processes have melded, they form something you can enjoy for much longer. Read more

Good Muslim News Stories of 2017

From Muslims and other communities banding together to fight Trump’s travel ban to #BlackOutEid and #BlackMuslimFamily to Muslim women becoming mainstream icons to Muslims fasting in Ramadan rushing to wake sleeping neighbors ahead of the terrible Grenfall Tower fire — good Muslim news stories were all around us in 2017. Read more

When Breaking News is Quick to Blame Muslims

The risk of hot takes and rapid-fire reporting getting it wrong about terrorism isn’t a post-9/11 phenomenon. The most notorious media blunder goes to the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. Prior to Timothy McVeigh’s arrest for the bombing, a mere two days after the attack, the media painted the bombing as Islamic terrorism, with the Wall Street Journal referring to it as a “Beirut-style car bombing.” Read more

Between Muslims and Christians – Rising Above Acts of Violence

In this season of joy, this Methodist church in America had opened its doors, its arms, and its hearts to make Muslims part of their services and part of their family; and in the land that was once my home, people had attacked a church and killed the faithful — during Christmas services! Read more

How Trauma Affects Our Ability to Lead

Part of our responsibility to our constituency is to make sure we’re in the best shape physically and emotionally to serve. I wouldn’t say it’s an obligation, but I kind of wish it was. Read more

Understanding Narcissists – Between Religion and Secularism Lies a Personality Disorder of the Ego

I believe that the very idea that anyone can “cure” a personality is in and of itself a form of inverted narcissism. Narcissism is contagious, and if you keep the company of narcissists you will eventually find yourself buying into their rhetoric. Read more

When Presidential Tweets Perpetuate and Promote Anti-Muslim Hatred

“Trump’s tweets show that, increasingly, America’s purveyors of anti-Muslim bigotry no longer need terrorism as a rationalization. Islamophobia is finding new justifications, which don’t rely on ISIS or Al Qaeda detonating bombs in London or Chicago. And in that way, it’s embedding itself more deeply in America’s political terrain.” Read more

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