Most people know of Daisy Khan from when she was the center of the storm surrounding the construction of Park 51–a project that, unfortunately, you probably more easily recognize as the “Ground Zero Mosque.” In her new memoir, Khan takes us through her struggle during that time, but also tells us much more – about her childhood, her marriage, her feats battling women’s oppression the world over. Altmuslimah’s Editor-in-Chief Asma Uddin asked Daisy a few questions about her journey. I’d… Read more

If this is the first time you are reading a translation of the Quran, then you need to prepare yourself for a surprise, because the Quran, even in a translation, is unlike any other book you will ever read. It is an intimidating book for the skeptic who approaches it with preconceived notions, but it can be very engaging to the one that seeks knowledge. (By the way, a translation is not called “Quran.” Only the Arabic original is the… Read more

Freedom of religion is one of the most important rights as protected by our Constitution. However, with the Supreme Court upholding President Trump’s Muslim Ban (what others refer to as the Travel Ban), a clear message was sent regarding whose rights are protected and whose are not. Travelers and refugees from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela and North Korea are blocked from entering the United States. This means that the highest court has sanctioned religious discrimination, bigotry and racism…. Read more

It’s been more than a year since President Donald Trump was elected, and the effects of his presidency continue to be far-ranging and, in many cases, deleterious. I am still haunted by the video that went viral on November 10, 2016, reportedly showing the lunchroom at Royal Oak Middle School in Michigan with some students chanting, “Build the wall!” in seemingly enthusiastic anticipation of Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. The video conjured memories of… Read more

In a manifesto published last month in the daily Le Parisien, 300 French intellectuals declared their concerns about growing anti-Semitism in France. The manifesto sparked worldwide controversy, not only because the signatory list included prominent figures like the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, singer Charles Aznavour and actor Gérard Depardieu, but also because of its contentious tone. More specifically, the manifesto holds the teachings of the Quran responsible for the recent anti-Semitic attacks in France… Read more

This is Day 30 – last day – of the 2018 #30Days30Writers Ramadan series. I have been Muslim almost 20 years now. My study of Al Islam began in Compton, California, at Masjid Ar Rashid a storefront prayer place (masala) next to a doctor’s office. There I would find Islamic books, religious (dawah) pamphlets and other reading materials. A random pamphlet mentioned a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that stuck with me: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small… Read more

Failure. I could feel the word slide over me, burning the skin on my arms, chilling the blood in my veins, crushing the place where I could have sworn my heart used to be. It was like a living entity slithering along my body, injecting its venom into my body until all I could hear in my head was the word repeating like an evil mantra. Worthless. When failure took a break, worthless took its place. It was softer in its… Read more

This is Day 29 of the 2018 #30Days30Writers Ramadan series. What does community care look like for us during a time when our communities are being tried with loss, injustice, separation from families and communities? How are we showing up and caring for one another in the Prophetic tradition of mercy, compassion, love and firmness? O you who covers himself [with a garment], Arise and warn [74:1-2] This Ramadan, I am reflecting on the recent deaths of Anthony Bourdain, Kate… Read more

This is Day 28 of the 2018 #30Days30Writers Ramadan series. “How’s your Ramadan going?” These four words form the question of the month that can be heard within most Muslim homes and community spaces. It’s an innocuous question, perhaps even seen as compassionate and empathetic. However, along with this question there comes an acceptable set of responses which can be categorized into the following themes: “The days seem so long this year. “It’s the fatigue that does it for me.”… Read more

This is Day 27 of the 2018 #30Days30Writers #Ramadan series. This Ramadan, I am consumed. Consumed by the need I see all across the world. Consumed by my responsibility to ensure that critical relief and assistance is delivered to the vulnerable and poverty-stricken individuals both at home and abroad. And, consumed by the personal challenges I face on a daily basis.   Severe floods in East Africa have devastated a part of the world that has been so used to… Read more

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