White supremacist (militia) groups like Republic of Florida are seeking more publicity, as evidenced by falsely connecting to the latest school shooting. Why is this country ignoring them? Read more

So now we are charged—I am charged—with showing the world the power of Black Muslim pens, which have been scratching out a myriad of works across centuries. The #BlackMuslimReads movement is a continuum of a struggle to keep the voices of Black Muslims heard. Read more

Feeling joy is noble, as long it’s from a good source. If the joy is coming from a place that is causing more problems for us, then that joy may not be that good (or noble) for us anyway. Read more

Twenty-nine women have been jailed for refusing to cover their hair.  Twenty-nine women were jailed because they refused to cooperate with their persecutors. Twenty-nine women were jailed because they would not allow injustice to disguise itself with the trappings of civilized protocols.   Read more

The single greatest threat to our nation’s security is the unchecked rise of violent white supremacist groups whose tactics and actions fit every textbook definition of domestic terrorism. Like the White House in general, the report is conspicuously silent on this. Read more

Just as history is a difficult path when you’re living it, remaining in dialogue with history is also a hard climb. The slim volumes on prominent African-Americans that my grandmother collected reveal only one side of a complex history. Read more

How are we to take knowledge of ethics and virtues from individuals who may have acted in vile and abusive ways? Is the scholarship produced by Khan and Ramadan inextricably linked to them as individuals? Read more

How can I (and other Muslims, too) help Islam get better, or rather how can we help Islam recover from the PTSD? We can start by being the kind of people that we want Islam to be as well. Read more

We are not better human beings because we are Muslim; we are the best of people when we are brave enough to look in the mirror, name what hurts and then engage in the jihad that is repairing what is broken. Read more

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