Zaytuna College: The first Muslim college in America

Zaytuna College’s very existence in America repudiates notions of Islam as an exclusively Eastern ideology. Its presence instead indicates that Islam and Muslims can be authentically American, and can contribute to the nation’s sociological, political and cultural advancement. [Read more…]

Flood relief: Students mobilize for Pakistan

With international support for victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan coming in at lesser amounts than expected, some Pakistani and American students studying in the United States have stepped in, using social media and charity events to fill the gap. [Read more…]

Afghanistan: What are we fighting for?

By investing heavily in a strategy of rapid progress and counterinsurgency before next summer, we lose sight of the bigger picture in Afghanistan. Development and stabilization there will be slow and should begin with a small but enduring commitment to an Afghan state. [Read more…]

Freedom of expression: Beyond the language of law

America’s First Amendment enables the expression of repugnant and abhorrent opinions, but it also allows religious minorities, such as American Muslims, to build their places of worship regardless of who opposes them due to their own sensitivities. Neither right should be compromised. [Read more…]

Economics: The myth of Ramadan’s low productivity

Although reduced productivity in during the month of Ramadan may be a predictable fact for many predominantly Muslim countries, a new study shows their stock markets rise surprisingly, highlighting charity as a significant factor in global economy. [Read more…]

Journalism: The Arab world needs more new media

The Arab world needs is increased freedom and engagement by diverse bloggers, beyond the activists and militant and political groups. This can only happen if it is made more accessible to contributors and readers and less regulated. [Read more…]

Civil rights: Turning our back on religious freedom

The political backlash and opportunism surrounding President Obama’s defense of Muslims’ First Amendment rights continues to jeopardize religious freedom for all Americans. [Read more…]

Muslim youth: Anti-terror camp trains youth to counter extremism

What drives a Western born-and-bred youngster, with all the privileges of an education, a modern lifestyle and freedom of speech, to violently attack his fellow countrymen? [Read more…]

Education: The other Islam controversy in NYC

The campaign for school holidays for Muslim students in New York City may actually be detrimental to religious freedom by creating an all or nothing conflict – either recognize all holidays or none – that is most likely to result in the recognition of none. [Read more…]

Pakistan: Everyday acts of intolerance

While there have been some military victories against militant strongholds in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the social project of producing a radicalised Pakistan attracted to literal and intolerant interpretations of faith is flourishing. [Read more…]