A Prayer for 9/11

From the far coast we remember the anniversary of the horror and grief and carnage of  the attack on the United States by terrorists, O Gentle and Powerful Holy One, and we pray that we will be part of the repair work to be poured out on the wounds in our world:

  • Give us open eyes to notice the grief and separations that keep human beings from love.
  • Give us open ears to hear the longings and wounds that prompt others made in God’s image to keep their distance.
  • Give us strong legs and agile feet to seek out those who are fearful  and therefore full of hate.
  • Give us limber and wide arms to welcome those who who are broken and those who stay at a distance.
  • Give us creative and lively minds to keep searching for the things that make for peace in the world.
  • Give us the ample, forgiving and tenacious Love of Jesus for the world God made.

We ask this for your Love’s sake. Amen.

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About Elizabeth Nordquist

Elizabeth Nordquist is a Presbyterian pastor, teacher, and spiritual director who writes on women's issues, spirituality and Scripture, and what is happening in the world--hers, her neighborhood, the Church and the world. Each day she looks for ways in which the Spirit is moving in and around her.

  • Mary Ann Rohrer


    Thank you for this lovely prayer. It calms and soothes my soul. This is a hard weekend. The fear in our world is overwhelming as it remembers 9/11 and I find that if I pay too much attention to it, I find myself getting swept up in all the emotion. In my home, I seem to be the one carrying the emotional pain of this horror. Reaching out to God is the only fruitful way to respond. Thank you for reminding me of this truth.


    Mary Ann