Simple Gifts

It is Thanksgiving day, an unusually quiet one, with family strewn around the hemisphere, feasting delayed to another location. I am grateful for the chance to pay attention to the simple gifts that are part of the Presence of the Holy in my life today:

  • a visiting English bulldog
  • continuous nourishing music
  • a new mystery from the library
  • texts from loved ones
  • a pantry with ingredients for comfort food
  • a rain washed sky
  • almond & aloe hand lotion
  • hand drawn and written Thanksgiving cards from grandchildren
  • olive bread
  • Scripture that feed and heals
  • remembrances on my shelf from loved ones of a lifetime
  • ample time
  • the aroma of fresh bread
  • a labyrinth in the backyard
  • dreams that bemuse
  • stories from times past
  • a sense of calm and peace in knowing that Holy Presence hovers very near

Knowing that my cup over flows, that gratitude takes nothing for granted, I offer my gratitude in grace for  each simple gift.


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