Some say that every Christian has guaranteed physical healing. Not experiencing it? Your faith is the problem, they say. But is that the truth? In this short video clip, I share the truth about physical healing and miracles. I hope it is an encouragement to you today as you remember that planet Earth comes at you with all kinds of difficulties, but Christ is working in you, even in the midst of them. Our hope is in Jesus Christ, not… Read more

Vic wrote us to ask about faith and works and what James meant by “faith without works is dead.” The examples that James gives of works reveal his true intention in stating that faith without works is dead. I hope that you, as a believer, enjoy this clip, as it reveals that you have already met the requirement of James 2! Read more

Bonnie emailed us to ask about the meaning of “falling from grace.” In this short radio clip, I address Bonnie’s question: What does it really mean and can it happen to Christians? Read more

1 John 4 says, “as He is so also are we in this world.” But what does that mean? How are we like Jesus even now while we are in this world? This was Mike’s question when he called into the radio program. Here are my thoughts on this powerful statement. Read more

Is it okay for a believer to have their body cremated? Or is burial the only option in God’s view? Herb called in to our radio program to ask if he would go to Hell if his relatives cremated his body. In this short radio clip, I discuss the liberating truth about burial versus cremation. Read more

James 1 talks about the testing of our faith. Bridget called in to our radio program to ask if God tests us and then gives us a “grade” on how we’re doing. In this short video clip, we discuss God’s loving desire to mentor us toward perseverance for the future. I hope this is an encouragement to you today! Read more

Is knowing Jesus as Lord a form of legalism? And what about the popular theology called “Lordship salvation” which causes so many to lose their assurance? I discuss these and more with Brandy who called into our radio program wanting to understand what Jesus as Lord and King really means for us as children of God. Read more

The truth about predestination is actually straightforward and simple. And in this 5-minute video, I offer an easy-to-grasp perspective on this often misunderstood idea. Read more

I talk with lots of Christians around the country and beyond. Many struggle with their view of God. Some see Him as angry or frustrated with them, because they have supposedly failed to meet His expectations. But does God need us? Is He taken by surprise when we fail? Does He have ongoing expectations of us that go unmet? In this short video, I discuss a simple truth that could revolutionize the way you see God. It all starts with… Read more

Here’s why the popular idea of “dying to self” is all wrong. Yes, you read that right. Here’s why Christians do not need to die to self! Read more

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