How Close Are You to God?

We Christians often talk about trying to “get close to God” and then “staying close to God.” But in John 17, we find a very different picture painted by Jesus himself. Jesus prays that we would be given an intimate, off-the-charts closeness with Him. Was Jesus’ prayer answered? In this short video clip, find out how you can wake up every day and enjoy perfect closeness with Jesus all day long! Read more

Can you lose your salvation?

Some Bible teachers incite fear by quoting Hebrews 6 and 10 as if these passages support the idea of a Christian sinning to the point of losing their salvation. “Have I sinned too much? Will I struggle too much? Is my spiritual security actually in jeopardy?” These sort of questions can plague us if we don’t have a solid foundation in the truth. In this short video, I talk about the true context of these two passages from Hebrews and… Read more

How to Deal With Anxiety

Do you ever experience fearful thoughts about an unknown future? I do. In this short video, I share one of the attitude choices that really helps me respond to those fearful thoughts that can stir up anxiety. Hope you find this helpful to you! Read more

How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You

It seems like there are a lot of myths out there about forgiving other people. We might think: • Forgiveness is progressive; it takes time! • Forgiveness is a feeling; I should only do it when I feel ready. • Forgiveness means forgetting what happened. But none of these are actually true! In this short video, I share a simple and straightforward way to go about forgiving other people. I have seen God use this easy-to-implement truth to repair broken… Read more

Thinking Outside Theological Boxes

I recently heard a popular teacher of Calvinism argue that unlimited atonement (“Christ died for all”) cannot be true, because such a notion cannot include eternal security for the believer. This teacher did not seem to realize that it is possible to believe that Christ died for all and that, after one is born again, the new birth is irreversible, and therefore we believers are secure. Some appear to think that the only way we can be secure in our… Read more

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3 Ways I’d Reform Reformed Theology

People sometimes ask if aspects of my teaching are different from a Reformed view of living under grace. Here below are three key differences. Difference #1: We Don’t Use the Law to Convict Christians of Sin We should not use the Law to convict Christians of disobedience. After all, it’s a slippery slope. I mean, should we convict believers of eating pork? Eating shellfish? How about not observing the Sabbath? If not, then we’re down to nine commands. So we… Read more

The Master Painter of Resurrection Life

“Many Christians struggle to articulate what the resurrection means to them personally. I’ve asked groups of Christians what the resurrection means, and I often don’t get a response beyond that it demonstrated God’s power over death. Is that all there is? Paul stated that if there was no resurrection, then the whole gospel message is meaningless and we are to be pitied for our beliefs (1 Corinthians 15:12-19). There has to be more to the resurrection than God showing off… Read more

To be “filled with the Spirit”…

What does it mean to “be filled with the Spirit”? 3:18 — explains –> 5:18 “Do not get drunk with wine…but be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18) does not mean we need more of the Spirit. We already have Him! No, being filled with the Spirit means “to know the love of Christ” and to thereby be “filled up to all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:18-19). Wine relaxes us. God’s unconditional love relaxes us. Paul is simply advising… Read more


Now, if anyone says this total forgiveness teaching is going ‘light on sin,’ it’s not. It’s actually going heavy on sin. The wages of sin is death, not God being hacked off at you for five minutes until you apologize, like some suggest. So sin is serious, with death as the only just penalty. But Jesus died, so he paid that penalty in full, and that’s the message of the gospel. Some say that this much grace is too radical,… Read more

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