Is knowing Jesus as Lord a form of legalism? And what about the popular theology called “Lordship salvation” which causes so many to lose their assurance? I discuss these and more with Brandy who called into our radio program wanting to understand what Jesus as Lord and King really means for us as children of God. Read more

The truth about predestination is actually straightforward and simple. And in this 5-minute video, I offer an easy-to-grasp perspective on this often misunderstood idea. Read more

I talk with lots of Christians around the country and beyond. Many struggle with their view of God. Some see Him as angry or frustrated with them, because they have supposedly failed to meet His expectations. But does God need us? Is He taken by surprise when we fail? Does He have ongoing expectations of us that go unmet? In this short video, I discuss a simple truth that could revolutionize the way you see God. It all starts with… Read more

Here’s why the popular idea of “dying to self” is all wrong. Yes, you read that right. Here’s why Christians do not need to die to self! Read more

Can you trust yourself? I know. I know. Many Christian teachers would say, “No, we can only trust God.” But think about that one- that puts you and God on different teams, doesn’t it? In this short video, I address whether or not you can trust yourself. The answer may surprise you! Read more

Are you robbing God? We seem to hear this question over and over these days. But in this short video, we’ll see that the answer is a resounding “No.” Here I discuss: the truth about tithing. Jesus’ own words on the topic.   and our real motivation under grace! Read more

What is God’s will for your life? Is it hard to get in God’s will and then stay in His will? Many Christians find themselves paralyzed by trying to figure out God’s will. But in this short video, I share the simple truth about God’s will. Don’t miss this one. It may free you up more than you can imagine! Read more

We Christians often talk about trying to “get close to God” and then “staying close to God.” But in John 17, we find a very different picture painted by Jesus himself. Jesus prays that we would be given an intimate, off-the-charts closeness with Him. Was Jesus’ prayer answered? In this short video clip, find out how you can wake up every day and enjoy perfect closeness with Jesus all day long! Read more

Some Bible teachers incite fear by quoting Hebrews 6 and 10 as if these passages support the idea of a Christian sinning to the point of losing their salvation. “Have I sinned too much? Will I struggle too much? Is my spiritual security actually in jeopardy?” These sort of questions can plague us if we don’t have a solid foundation in the truth. In this short video, I talk about the true context of these two passages from Hebrews and… Read more

Do you ever experience fearful thoughts about an unknown future? I do. In this short video, I share one of the attitude choices that really helps me respond to those fearful thoughts that can stir up anxiety. Hope you find this helpful to you! Read more

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