News from EcoBuddhism

I’m reminded that both ecology and economy begin with “Eek!”   Meanwhile — some news landed in our InBox today from EcoBuddhism whom I am passing along to you — as of possible interest.  (¿Perhaps there’s more to it than “Eek!” ? ! )

Their site is an abundant cornucopia of educational and activist resources. Newly available are an array of videos — as a  “carefully chosen multi-dimensional learning tool” — in each of ecobuddhism’s four domains:

  • science
  • wisdom
  • solutions
  • mind

Ecobuddhism is currently offering the anthology A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency at half-price to all who’ve signed the Buddhist Climate Declaration. [Enter the offer code ECOBUD when adding the book to the publisher’s shopping cart]


News from EcoBuddhism

It’s wonderful to realize that we are all in a family, we are all children of the Earth. We should take care of each other and we should take care of our environment, and this is possible with the practice of being together as a large family. A positive change in individual awareness will bring about a positive change in the collective awareness. Protecting the planet must be given the first priority…make your decision and act to save our beautiful planet. Changing your way of living will bring you a lot of joy right away and, with your first mindful breath, healing will begin. –Thich Nhat Hanh continues to present important developments in the climate crisis and in clean energy and related solutions – including psychology and cognitive science. We rely only on authoritative sources within our area of focus, the three domains of Wisdom, Science and Solutions. To these we have now added a domain of Mind, essential to fully comprehend the profound ecological and evolutionary changes we are all living through, the ending of the 65 million year-old Cenozoic Era.

Every crisis is an opportunity, and we will be presented with the greatest array of opportunities in history. Survival will require us to evolve quickly, and to change our thinking, our habits, and our expectations. If we do these things, it is just possible that the society that emerges in the process will be far more stable, interesting, and beautiful than the one we see around us today. – Richard Heinberg

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