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karma and the middle passage

This post was originally published at the buddha is my dj nearly a year ago. The original post generated some great comments and conversations. I'm reposting it here because I think it's an important topic, and I would love to see more conversation come out of it in a different venue.I was out of town for most of this past weekend for some personal, family related issues. (That's all you get, Internet! I don't hang out all my laundry, dirty or clean!) So I've been out of touch with my usual … [Read more...]

Buddhist Books … A Patheos Poll

Buddhist books ... topic for conversation  ... as the wheel of Dharma turns ...Please weigh in, via the Reply section, below... as to Buddhist books in your own life ....Have you found books helpful ?  ¿ or no ? ...  (express your experience).What are your favorite Buddhist books?  (This is the place to talk about them).Or do you have a Buddhist book list?  (Here's a good way to share it).Are you looking for a Buddhist book, as a beginner, or as a gift, or on any topic at all ? ... ( … [Read more...]

why shin buddhism

I have been asked on more than one occasion why I've chosen to follow the Shin Buddhist path. Many times, I get the strong impression that the asker is thinking to him/herself, "Isn't Shin Buddhism a Japanese Buddhist path? You're not Japanese. You didn't marry a Japanese Buddhist. What's the deal?" I think, despite the obvious problems with those stereotypes, that it's still a valid question. It's as valid a question as why one chooses Zen or Nichiren or Shambhala or any other school of … [Read more...]

Buddhist Portal Archives

jPatheos' As the Dharma Turns offers a month-to-month archives, as is a standard amenity with blogs.  Within the blogspace, to the right, you'll see both "Recently Posted" and "Archives."Articles posted in the Public Square feature are also archived; other articles,  however, aren't. So this  page — to be updated over time — commemorates articles no longer visible.  We hope you find this  a handy alternative to searching to find what's currently invisible. Stay tuned for updates.   [Library h … [Read more...]

oil + water …

British Petroleum's catastrophic  oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest in American history, and as of this writing the crisis continues. To date, every two to three days the ruptured BP oil well spews out the same amount of oil as the entire Alaskan Exxon Valdez oil spill.By way of preface to a portal onto recent Buddhist response to the catastrophe ————— here's a quote from scholar activist Joanna Macy, in conversation with John Seed, director of the Rainforest Information Cen … [Read more...]

Change Your Mind, Today

Do you get days off from work for Buddhist holidays? Buddhism's relatively lacking in (free of?) singling out special days (except, perhaps the annual Buddha-day celebration known as Vesak).The present moment is always cause for special awareness.  (Go ahead ... please, take a few conscious breaths. See for yourself: this moment is a wonderful moment.)Worth celebrating too is how Buddhist teachings and practice find their roots in American culture (as "Buddhism" but also as "mindfulness," "e … [Read more...]