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Patheos’ As the Dharma Turns offers a month-to-month archives, as is a standard amenity with blogs.  Within the blogspace, to the right, you’ll see both “Recently Posted” and “Archives.”

Articles posted in the Public Square feature are also archived; other articles,  however, aren’t. So this  page — to be updated over time — commemorates articles no longer visible.  We hope you find this  a handy alternative to searching to find what’s currently invisible. Stay tuned for updates.   [Library hours:  24×7]

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The Supernatural in Buddhism by Ryan Dinkgrave — “Unorthodox” rituals and practices in Theravada Buddhism appeal to a spirit or icon for protection or goodwill, such as good fortune, health, and luck, for themselves or others.

Thje Evolution Sutra by Wes “Scvoop” Nisker — There is no longer any doubt that the scientific story of evolution is true . . . So now we can begin to worship the story, embracing evolution as our new creation myth.

A Science of Body/Heart/Mind as One by Gary Gach — In the encounter between “buddhism” and “science” there is emerging re-vision & revitalization of  both these terms, looking both within and without.

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