Media Stupidity at The March For Life

Dear New York Times,What the hell is wrong with you? Did any one of your number -- at any point in your lives -- manage to pass a Journalism class? Did you ever even take a Journalism class? Ah, but perhaps you are unfamiliar with this strange and monstrous term, this newfangled 'journalism'. Allow me to simplify: Was there ever in your professional existence a single moment when an authority figure sat you down and said, "Alright, thousands of young people protesting: That's what we call … [Read more...]

March For Life 2012

Hello everyone! I made this video on the March For Life. The whole event was filled with love, joy, and hope, and I have no doubt it will change a number of hearts, despite the inability of the mainstream media to give it proper coverage.Let us cherish life and protect it, all the days of our lives. Please share with friends and family, especially those who have a distorted view of the pro-life movement. … [Read more...]

Why Twilight Sucks

I'm annoyed with moral relativism. This emotion wells up within me not simply because relativism is a ridiculously boring worldview, designed for the sole purpose of justifying petty immorality without the balls to justify heavy immorality. No, I am annoyed because it lied to us. Its advocates said -- with remarkably straight faces -- that if we would only realize that our quaint conceptions of good and evil were personal and not universal, and if right and wrong could be treated as a matter of … [Read more...]

Get Psyched for the March For Life!

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I Was Waiting for the Perfect Video… rebut that Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus Video. I think I found the best one so far. … [Read more...]

In Defense of the Unmiraculous

There is a fear that causes Christian legs to tremble, a fear well-exploited by the New Atheism, and -- all things considered  -- a very stupid fear -- that of the unmiraculous.The Christian runs to the atheist, silver cross sailing in the wind, filled with joy, saying "I felt the presence of God!" The atheist looks up from his Macbook and says something along the lines of, "Religious experience is just the result of decreased activity in your right parietal lobe." And he'd hardly be alone … [Read more...]


In 3 hours BadCatholic Blog would be blacked out globally to protest SOPA and PIPA but Marc doesn't know how to do that without deleting his blog. But seriously, educate yerself, Internet-lovers. If this passes I'm gonna have to delete all my pictures. … [Read more...]

An Open Invitation To David Crowder To Join the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

Dear Mr. Crowder,Thanks to your fine work, I find myself in one of the most incredible moments of my music-loving, Christ-worshipping, Roman Catholic existence -- a Requiem Mass is the number 2 album in the world. That's right -- Album, not Christian album. Nestled comfortably between Adele's 21 and Snow Patrol's Fallen Empires -- as I'm sure you are very aware -- is David Crowder Band's Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C, [The Happiest of All Keys]).To the Christian, this is awesome. … [Read more...]

The Terrible Weakness of Our God

Sometime before the Christmas break, I had the pleasure of eating dinner with four Sisters of Life. In a very certain sense, these Sisters are an awful lot like crack cocaine: Any interaction with them, however brief, leaves me with a stupid smile, the belief that hey, maybe the world isn't going to plunged into a fiery abyss after all, and a powerful feeling of happiness that lasts for the rest of the day. Their joy is as beautiful as it is infectious.But I mention this only to mention … [Read more...]

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus — The Smackdown

It's worth beginning with this: I agree with this guy on a lot of points. He reminds us Catholics of a striking truth; that without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, religion is a joke. He speaks the truth that Christ died for our sins, once and for all. I can't help but think, in the midst of all this, that this hating-religion-loving-Jesus thing is the logical consequence of Protestantism. For a 21st-century Protestant looking at a thousand-something churches, I imagine there is an … [Read more...]