If the Infant Christ Was God, Why Couldn’t He Speak?

There's a reason for the mummy in the manger: French artists in the 17th century were fascinated by the paradox that the Word of God was unable to speak and conveyed this tension by having the Christ not merely wrapped, but bound by his swaddling clothes, the Deity deining to be shackled, "the word within a word, unable to speak a word". This is a speechlessness worth speaking about. After all, what do we really mean when we call Christ the Word of God? What Christian insanity is this, that a wor … [Read more...]

A Gay Reader Writes…

It seems whenever we have a discussion about gay marriage (or gay-anything, really) a fairly obnoxious false dichotomy is assumed, that the evil, sodomizing, humanity-hating gays are fighting the bigoted, hate-filled, rabidly intolerant Christians. This need not be the case. For all the times this dichotomy has been perpetuated by Christians; I sincerely apologize. Though no words can heal the hurt caused by hatred and rejection, know that my daily prayers are with you. But it must also be … [Read more...]

The Only Rule Christians Must Obey

Contrary to popular belief, the problem with moral relativism is not that it allows far too much fun and annoys the hell out of the Puritans. If it were, it might be a tempting worldview, this whole what's-wrong-for-you-ain't-wrong-for-me frolic. No, the problem with moral relativism is that it takes the fun out of everything, and makes the world hellishly Puritanical.There are two ways to ruin a game. The first to add too many rules, and the second is too eliminate all of them. If a man … [Read more...]

Why Gay Marriage Is a Bad Idea

Now first off it is worth pointing out that, unlike most bad ideas, gay marriage is charged with positive emotion. This makes absolute sense, for marriage is -- to the most extent -- recognized as a beautiful good. One can understand why this video was so popular:But we all need to take a deep breath and look at the issue with a little more boredom in our hearts. The answer to this cannot be a slogan yelled to the other side. It takes some thought. In fact, if you are incapable of … [Read more...]

All That Emanates From…

...points back to. The ripples point back to the rock, the cosmic radiation to the origins of the universe, children to their parents, the lover to his beloved, the heavens to the glory of their Maker; it seems self-evident. Perhaps this is why the South has always been so Christ-haunted. The great Northern cities that emanated from man and his money can only ever point back to money and man, while the slow, dusty Southern fields can only ever point back to their slow and dusty God. Not that … [Read more...]

Too True…

From over at cracked.com... … [Read more...]

Fantastically Catholic Colbert Clips

Now I know, I know -- he's a satirist. And no, he's not particularly orthodox. But by Hollywood standards, Stephen Colbert is a pretty darn Catholic man. He frequents Mass, he teaches Sunday school, and has a habit of making new-agers and secularists in all their flavors look really, really stupid, even when he is being intentionally simplistic. Without further ado then: My favorite Colbert clips!The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cPhilip Zim … [Read more...]

On the St. Nick Punch

I know this story isn't precisely new to Cathologosphere, but frankly, it's irresistible. During the First Ecumenical Council of Nicea (AD 325) there was a big argument over the divinity of Christ. Arius -- a heretic -- was of the idea that Christ was not divine, but rather a mere creature. The Council gave him leave to speak, to defend his claims, and he did, yammering on -- I have no doubt -- in a relentless flood of sophistry.Jolly Old St. Nicholas -- oh yes, he was a bishop -- wasn't ha … [Read more...]

Bayer Corporation Are Bastards

bastard [bas-terd] 2. Slang. a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person: Some bastard slashed the tires on my car. Those of you who follow me know I have some beef with the widespread use of oral contraceptives as the answer to all the world's problems. I'm afraid I've come up with another 10 Reasons the Pill Sucks, may the Lord save the Internet. But before that blows up: As a result of some research for a final paper, I've been happily exposed to one of the most evil big-businesse … [Read more...]

One of My Very Favorite Chesterton Essays…

Speaking of drinking...Wine When It Is RedI suppose that there will be some wigs on the green in connection with the recent manifesto signed by a string of very eminent doctors on the subject of what is called "alcohol." "Alcohol" is, to judge by the sound of it, an Arabic word, like "algebra" and "Alhambra," those two other unpleasant things. The Alhambra in Spain I have never seen; I am told that it is a low and rambling building; I allude to the far more dignified erection in … [Read more...]