The Real World

Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles

Human people are the creators of other-worlds, minor-league gods who daily exercises impossible powers without taking a moment to marvel. Our houses, for instance, are worlds. They do not conform to the geography of the universe. They impose their geography on us. Whatever notions of space we had "out there" are dropped on the welcome mat.  Now "front" is dictated by the front door and "back" by the rear patio. Even if we are in an apartment at the top of a skyscraper, technically towering … [Read more...]

How “Cis” Killed Gender Theory


Modern gender theory is dead, and we have killed it. Weep -- we were really onto something.We wriggled out from a dichotomy of a "normal" sexual orientation (heterosexuality) and deviations from that norm (homosexuality and lesbianism, largely), to a world of "alternative lifestyles" (homosexuality and heterosexuality as equally valid "life choices"), to a world excited and exploding with the hundreds of labels we are growing fond and familiar with today (sapiosexual, omnisexual, pansexual, … [Read more...]

Sexuality and Personality


Sexuality is a microcosm of personality. It is a part of the person -- I can draw it out from other parts, like rationality -- but it also signifies the person. Like a fractal that contains within itself the governing idea of the fractal-pattern, a sanctuary in a temple, or a thesis statement that is both a part and the whole of an essay, sexuality recapitulates the fundamental realities of the person of which it is a part.This is the reason that sexual issues are controversial. … [Read more...]

Netflix and Good Ol’ American Despair


If freedom is an exploding horizon of possible options and a friendly butt-tap of encouragement to "go, choose one," I'll take some mild form of oppression -- thanks. The eternal possibility of "another option" isn't a space to stretch my arms and sing the national anthem -- it is the paralysis of the human person into grotesque inaction. This is best shown by Netflix.To sit down and choose "any movie" out of the massive expanse of options Netflix offers is nearly impossible. Every choice is … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood and the Myth of the Sheepish, Dependent, Ethically Mono-chromed Woman

Planned Parenthood use the term "women" to demarcate a group they support, trust, and represent. Since not all women want to be supported, trusted or represented by Planned Parenthood, we must charitably assume that the organization is referring to an idea of women, and not to that actual, wonderful population -- les personnes de sexe féminin. As such, Planned Parenthood are responsible for defining the boundaries of their idea, i.e. when they say "women want _____" they implicitly exclude women … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood and the Myth of the Sheepish, Dependent, Ethically Mono-chromed Woman (Introduction)


Planned Parenthood stand with “women.” Assumedly this means something.It cannot mean that Planned Parenthood -- in their actions, goals, and professed beliefs -- stand for the all-inclusive category of “every human person with two "x" sex chromosomes.” 57% percent of women are in favor of abortion being illegal in all or most circumstances (20%, 37%, respectively). Planned Parenthood -- who daily bemoans laws limiting abortion, manufacturing a menagerie of pink graphics protesting any and all … [Read more...]

Lent is for Everyone


You -- assuming you are a person, not a corporation or a spam-bot -- are a source of action. You do not merely react to stimulus, respond to other events, or receive the motion of some prior reality into yourself and express its power out of mechanical necessity -- you also do. Your actions originate in you. In this sense, you are an uncaused cause -- an unmoved mover.This is evident in the experience of responsibility. To be responsible for something is an existential acknowledgment of your … [Read more...]

The Spirit of Rebellion


One of my larger worries, considering that daily question of whether to be a Catholic, is whether it means giving up the spirit of rebellion. This, after all, is the common perception of things, that the sinner is the rebel and the Saint obedient, that those who "do what they want" deserve to swagger in the feeling of self-assertion -- while those who are subservient to a transcendent God have no cause for such cool.But what is rebellion? Surely it is an assertion of self against another -- … [Read more...]

The Mode in Which We Go To Mass

The mode in which a message is delivered has the power to negate the content of the message. I may express my undying fidelity for a particular woman with words true and well-phrased, but as long as I send these words in a text-message, I obscure my own meaning. I might post a beautiful image of God with a powerful excerpt from Holy Scripture on Facebook. My intent is zealous, my faith is real, the translation from the Hebrew is accurate -- and it is all rendered meaningless by being viewed … [Read more...]

7 Totally Epic Rules For Writing on the Internet


 Rule number 6 is so incredibly true, it hurts.1. A prostitute has sex for money. Internet-writers write about sex for money. Try your utmost to remember the difference between your writing and prostitution. 2. The Internet-writer is not paid for being read. He is paid for putting people into contact with the advertisements crowding his designated pixel-space. The more his work is viewed, the more the advertisements around his work are viewed. By increasing the sale of products he doesn't ca … [Read more...]