God Unlimited

Our God is a fantastic fellow.We try to limit Him, we really do. Just looking over my own posts I read myself vaguely attempting to tame God into an understandable being - "He will do this, He always does this", etc. - when the tremendous truth is that God is wild and free to do whatever he wants, a hurricane of love not subject to our pitiful analysis. How often do we forget this? To my Thomists, who spend their time so well in breaking down our knowledge into basic principles, in understanding … [Read more...]


We are funny. Before I explain why, I wanted to share a facebook message thread between myself and some friends who were preparing for our Antioch retreat.Marc Barnes January 13 at 4:39pmSo I was thinking that it would be muchos fantastic if everyone could pray perhaps a rosary tonight at around 930 o clock for the kids coming to Antioch. We will join in spiritual communion.But, Heaven is outside of time, so if you can't, no worries. May God make us humble of heart and earnest in … [Read more...]

Overpopulationists Are Stupider

My topic today rests on the rather alarming fact that certain people are quite stupid. (Not that there is no hope for redemption; I pray often for the destupidification of all mankind)   But in a better way, it rests on the irony that the proponents of population control seem to be the least likely to volunteer and die for the good of mankind. This is a thing to be lamented, not because their deaths would – in any great way – affect global populations, but because the death of all the p … [Read more...]

(Modern) Feminists Are Stupid

So there I was, sipping on Nyquil, when it was brought to my attention that the video I made had approximately a bajillion views, which written in numbers looks something like 3,330, give or take a few zeros. So I said to myself, "Self. This might mean a few thousand/million newcomers to your blog!" to which my self responded, "Hey! Brilliant deduction, big guy!" So I figured, goodness, what better way to welcome such lost and frightened individuals then to offend a large group of people! … [Read more...]

A Reader Writes…

I am currently ill, and am happy to say a certain Paul Fahey has taken up the task of actually writing something. It is reasoned, wonderful and far more structured than anything I've managed to put down. Enjoy the second guest post BadCatholic has seen, and remember I'm always willing to put up anything reader's write, unless they are advocating liturgical dancing.Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of i … [Read more...]

As Promised…

Here's the video I made about the March For Life/Youth Rally. Enjoy! … [Read more...]


Part of what's great about being Catholic is that it makes things deeper. For instance, I was giving blood at my high-school the other day, and, happily watching it drip from my veins into a bag, I remembered that I had gone to mass that morning. Then that blew my mind, because I drank the blood of God at mass, which was assumedly running through the same veins that now had needles sticking out of them, giving blood. The sacrifice he made for me was, in a very real way, giving me the grace and … [Read more...]

If This Is How We Lose….

Hello friends, enemies and those passing through with mild indifference and/or interest! I marched for life yesterday!Actually scratch that, I bus-rode for life, went to mass for life, rocked out with Matt Maher for life, got up really unbelievably freaking early and drank a lot of coffee for life, rocked out to some Ike for life, went to mass AGAIN for life, then marched for life, which can really only be accurately described as partying while moving slowly for life.I was one of the … [Read more...]

Do Something Crazy

Wear a hairshirt. Get a backpack full of rocks and run to your church. Organize a Eucharistic procession through the streets of your town. Build a massive bonfire in honor of an obscure saint you found on the Internet in your backyard. Because I don't know if you've noticed, but this world has gotten boring, and could use some Catholics violently expressing their faith.For example, check out this story that I posted on facebook awhile back. What coolness. That judge was on to something. We … [Read more...]

Pro Freaking Life

"When the revolution happens you won't read about it in the newspapers." It is a sad state of affairs, when battles fierce and important are politicized into meaningless drivel. The best way to ruin a good fight is to let the media lock it into a stalemate, and to publicize the whole situation as a social phenomena - an example of differing views. From the level of discussion the media grants the abortion debate, you'd think we were arguing over a tax break. The revolution is … [Read more...]