Andrew McCarthy: Not on Free for All Friday!

We were expecting to spend a few minutes with Andrew McCarthy to discuss his new book Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, but apparently he wasn’t in the loop regarding the interview that was confirmed with his publicist.

Instead, we had a typically unscripted Free For All Friday talking about anything that came to our minds, including politics, technology and, most importantly, what the Bible says.

Here are the links to the news items we discussed:

Exclusive: ISIS Preparing To Attack American Homeland


Another prop in the ongoing effort to expand the war on terror

Mississippi tea party leader tied to campaign smear dead in apparent suicide

Monarch butterflies use magnetic compass to migrate

Authorities: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Pilot ‘Chief Suspect’ in Plane’s Disappearance

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A New App Called Moment Shows You How Addicted You Are To Your iPhone

How Can Chromecast Connect To Your Friend’s Phones Without Using WiFi? Ultrasonic Sounds

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