Hobby Lobby WINS and so does RELIGIOUS FREEDOM & Bible Study in Philippians 2

Today was a HUGE day in the news and so we discussed the Supreme Court decision about Hobby Lobby and Obamacare. After the show in this post, is a list of news items we discussed on the show and some we didn’t. The first 45 minutes of our show is about the ruling and the last 45 minutes is our bible study in Philippians 2:1-11. Enjoy the show.

We thank the Lord for allowing this decision to be made in favor of Religious freedom for all.

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Highlights in the news about the Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby.


Hobby Lobby Opens Up Minefield – Right Wing Watch

Religion is Being Used to Discriminate – ACLU

NRB Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Religious Freedom

Supreme Court Rules 5-4 in Favor of Hobby Lobby – C-SPAN

SCOTUS Hands Hobby Lobby a HHS Mandate Victory – CBN NEWS

Supreme Court Rules Against Obama in Contraception Case – CNN

Hobby Lobby: The Left is Weeping Hot, Bitter Tears, And it Should – David French

Hobby Lobby Ruling – National Review












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