Media BlackOut on Gay Founder of Human Rights Campaign Arrest for Sex with 15 YR Old

There is an unprecendented media black out on the crimes of homosexuals. What is even more stunning is that the co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign, has been arrested and indicted for raping an underage teen, who is 15 years old. Yet, the mainstream media, hasn’t touched this story. Not only has Terry Bean, the sixty something pedophile rapist, been arrested, but now new reports show that his former boy friend, who is 25 years old, has also been arrested for SEX crimes with underage kids.

Terry Bean is an Obama Supporter and friend. He is a democrat. He co-founded the largest anti-Christian pro-sodomy lobby in the country and this isn’t newsworthy?

Former homosexuals are now calling for accountability.

We’re also going to play you two very different examples of the child Samuel Brinton who claims to have been tortured by conversion therapy. Today, we are exposing the LIES and the deception of the homosexual and lesbian lobby.

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