Introduce Yourself

I thought it would be neat to get to know some of the readers of this blog. That’s the beauty about blogs, you can have dialogue with one another.

With that said, take a second and drop your name and a sentence long bio in the comments. Just for fun, depending on the amount of comments, I’ll randomly pick a number (or two, three, four) and I’ll send you my book, Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon. What better way to spend a Friday? :)

  • Matthew Melton

    I am a big Jesus, Spurgeon, Puritans, and Doctrines of Grace fan

  • Abel Calvo

    Id like to read your book.Spurgeon has been highly influential in my life.

  • Sally

    After a long fight to be discipled of the Bible, I was taught the Romans and I was renewed; I also admire Luther, Spurgeon, and Paul.

  • Daniel Thomas

    I came to Reformed Theology a couple of years ago after being introduced to Martin Luther and John Calvin a couple of years prior (or 4 years ago): and since then, I’ve taken more of an interest in the Puritans, Spurgeon, and Jonathan Edwards.

  • Jorge Macfarland

    I’m a [dulos] to Christ, husband, and father of 3 precious little blessings.
    God is my only and mighty savior, a wretched sinner saved by the grace of God.
    I believe in the doctrines of grace and i consider my self to be a 5 point spurgeonist.
    I’m from Mexico and I’m a software developer. :)
    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

  • Casey Voce

    Abilene, TX
    If George Castanza was Reformed.

  • http://facebook genevieve navarro

    I am a overcomer of cancers, only because of God’s grace and mercy in my life.

  • Becky Smith

    Married 17 years to a godly bearded manly man, mother of two boys, living in the southern U.S.

  • Adi Perez

    Redeemed, wife and mom. In love with reformed theology. Is like the Bible has been opened for the first time before my eyes and all my questions are being answered.

    • Stephen McCaskell

      Congratulations Adi! You have won yourself a copy of Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon. Please send an email to with your mailing address.

  • Nick D

    Journalism and Spanish student currently studying/working in Spain. Reformed Baptist by persuasion. I’ve been saved about 6/7 years now. I love the Gospel of Christ and the Church of Christ. Thoroughly grieved by the false teaching which deceives so many today

  • Brad Kautz

    I’m in a transition from healthcare to pastoral ministry as I wait for a call, although we’ve been “waiting” 1.5 years, so maybe God has a different plan for us besides my current vocation, parenting, blogging, etc.

  • Nolan Sproles

    If am nothing, but God chose to save me, I dont know why he chose me, but he did.

  • Nolan Sproles

    “I believe in the doctrine of election, because I am quite certain that, if God had not chosen me, I should never have chosen him; and I am quite sure he chose me before I was born, or else he never would have chosen me afterward…for I could never find any reason in myself why he should have looked upon me with special love

  • Justin Thornton

    Just a sinful, yet redeemed man aiding in Christ to conform me into His image :-)

  • Esther Lefever

    Hi I am a mother of 2 grandmother of 3. I am on disability so my day is spent studying and praying and having fun on fackbook. Of course everything that has to be taken care of at home I have a son and husband who are a great help to me on my bad days. God as brought me along way but I have a long way to go before I am ready to see Him in Heaven. God Bless this group, site and the words from the past because they fit into life today.

  • Tom and Lin Baumbach

    Hi, We are a disciples of Christ in Phoenix Arizona. Lin and I have been married for 6 years, and have one child Abigail Joy who is 2. Great to read about some of the other readers, keep up the strong bible teaching and love for the Word! Soli Deo Gloria!

  • Nicole S

    I love The Lord with all my heart. I have just started hearing about Reform Theology and reading some of C. H. Spurgeon’s writings.

    • Stephen McCaskell

      Congratulations Nicole! You have won yourself a copy of Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon. Please send an email to with your mailing address.

  • Bryan Daniels

    A husband, father, teacher, coach and sinner saved by invincible grace. Spurgeon rocks my reformed socks off.

  • Joshua Adido

    My name is Josh, I’m 20 and from Ireland. My whole life has been about me settling in my heart what I didn’t know was the doctrines of Grace! Particularly understang Grace! Spurgeon helped.

  • Desiree M. Mondesir

    Thanks for this opportunity! I’m a 27 year old author, CEO, Founder, blogger, and columnist. I was attracted to your blog via the Facebook Spurgeon quotes because of the title “Born for Reformation” and I’m researching to right a book about Reformation! God Bless!

  • Rommel Llanes

    your website really help us a lot. There are still a lot people waiting for the Word of God to be shared.
    I pray that more people will know Jesus through your website. God Bless

  • John Samson

    I blog at Thank you for your ministry Stephen.

  • Marshall Lewis

    My name is Marshall Lewis. God’s grace humbles me. I like this quote: “God humbles Charismatics by making their children Calvinists; and Calvinists by making their children speak in tongues. –John Piper”

  • Joshua

    I work at Lowe’s, engaged, I am A Christian.