Where are the Facebook Christians?

I’ve started noticing an interesting trend. It used to be called the “Sunday Christian”. These are the people who would come to Church on Sunday, go to Bible study on Wednesday, but the rest of the week they would live like any other non-Christian. I’ve started to see people on Facebook, that are my friends who call themselves Christians but live a life of destruction online.

The gospel of Jesus Christ tells us to reach all nations and whatever we do, whether we eat or drink, do it all to the glory of God. I think it’s fair to say Facebook is included in the “whatever we do”. The Sunday Christian has taken on a new look with Social Media. Our Facebook “Religious Views” say that we are a Christian. Our car that is parked outside church every Sunday morning says that we are a Christian. But does our life say that we are a Christian?

All of these different networks we have are tools for us to utilize for God’s glory. If you use Facebook for gossip and putting other people down, you probably shouldn’t be on it. Our identity shouldn’t be found in how many likes our photos get, rather it should be found in the finished work of Jesus Christ. With God’s glory as our aim and Jesus’ finished work as the crux, let’s pursue the radical Christian life in everything we do, including Facebook.

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