Who Do You Think You Are?

The most important question you will ever ask yourself: Who am I? The world is quick to label us as pastors, mothers, news anchors, salespeople and the list goes on. While these are all true to the non-Christian, the Christian answer should be drastically different.

The Seattle based Megachurch Pastor, Mark Driscoll has set out to answer this question in his new book, Who Do You Think You Are? He approaches answering this question by a careful exposition of Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians. The chapter breakdown of the book is helpful: I am in Christ, I am a saint, I am blessed, I am appreciated, I am saved, I am reconciled, I am afflicted, I am heard, I am gifted, I am new, I am forgiven, I am adopted, I am loved, I am rewarded, I am victorious. Each chapter is rooted in a segment of Ephesians, which I appreciated greatly.

This book has a deep level of pastoral care weaved throughout it. As I was reading, there were times I forgot I was reading Driscoll. There is a level of maturity that he has with this book that is unlike any of his others. It isn’t laced with his humor and sometimes unnecessary one-liners that some of his other books have.

One thing I thought was curious is that this book is for Christians. I presumed by the title of the book that it would be a more evangelistic, seeker sensitive book. There are times in the book that is has an evangelistic tone, but it’s nothing like Charles Spurgeon’s, All of Grace, which is from the beginning to the end an evangelistic pursuit of showing God’s grace to us as sinners.

One reviewer pointed out something I resonate with, “there’s a great deal of duplication of material, and a book that could have been around 150 pages comes in at close to 250.” Often in the books Driscoll writes, he preaches through. He did this with his books Vintage Jesus, Religion Saves, Real Marriage and Doctrine. That being the case, each chapter translates to a sermon so there is some repetition throughout the book.

With that said, Who Do You Think You Are? is the best work Driscoll has produced. It’s a biblical, helpful and devotional exposition of Ephesians and it is an essential truth that we must understand.

A couple quotes that stood out:

“When you are tempted to sin, remember that you’re a saint. Knowing your identity in Christ is your key to victory.”

“In Christ, you’re graced. You’re chosen by grace, saved by grace, kept by grace, gifted by grace, empowered by grace, matured by grace, and sanctified by grace. You persevere by grace, and one day will see Jesus, the best friend you’ve ever had, face-to-face, by grace.”

I’d encourage you to pick up this book that is full of timeless truths that in Christ, we are a completely new creation.

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Keep an eye out for the interview I did with Pastor Mark. It’ll be up this week!

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