Can you be a Christian if you don’t adopt the manner of Jesus?

In my last post, “Westboro Baptist No More – A Story of Grace“, discussion broke out quickly as Timothy Phelps, a member of Westboro Baptist decided to leave a few comments on the post. In response there was an interesting comment from one of the readers who said:

My response is not about whether anyone here is in the right or in the wrong. There are plenty of “experts” here who can bloat until the cows come home. I am only on about method, and I can only look at Jesus. Well, I don’t remember any examples of Jesus adopting a nasty, high-handed, self-righteous manner. Clearly, Jesus was the perfect example of humility and empathy. What a shame so many Christians don’t adopt the manner of Jesus.

The word ‘manner’ is synonymous with the words like ‘way’, ‘mode’ and ‘form’. Throughout scripture, I don’t see that it’s possible to be a Christian, someone who is in-Christ and to not walk in that manner. 1 John 2:6 says, “whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walk.” Time and time again this is the theme that is seen in God’s word. Going back to the Reformation formula – we are justified by faith alone but not by a faith that is alone.

To be a Christian and not walk in the manner of Christ is impossible. To be a Christian, you are in-Christ and you walk in the way of Christ. On this side of eternity we will never walk that way perfectly and when we fall, we repent. Martin Luther said, “When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, said “Repent”, He called for the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.”

“Remember first, that forgiveness leads to repentance” – Charles Spurgeon

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