Rob Bell is changing God, just like he changed Hell. (Video)

Thoughts? Is Rob Bell even on your radar anymore?

  • Nick Welch

    Rob Bell is on my radar right next to Pelagius, Arius, & Sandy Patty.

  • Berna Deene Saylor

    uh…who is rob bell. Is this an advertisement for him or a warning against him?

    • Stephen McCaskell

      I’ll have a post about this in the near future. To be it shortly, Rob Bell’s last book “Love Wins” caused quite a stir, and for good reason, it is false teaching. He promoted his universalist view in his last book as he redefined hell, and it looks like he will be redefining God in this new book.

  • Joshua

    Heresy comes in the name of love now, no wonder the bible says “if possible even the elect will be deceived.”

  • jason greene

    “on my radar”?
    “redefining hell”?
    “redefining God”?
    Rob Bell is actually closer to the early church fathers than this strange new religion “Neo-Calvinist Evangelicalism”.
    But you guys are quite entertaining….
    Good work guys, you do far more harm to the cause of Christ than Rob Bell ever has. You might enjoy approval from the Neo Calvinist cult but from the early church fathers, the apostles, and Jesus? I don’t know, I am not your judge, but your smear tactics make me nausous…..

  • Steve, Winnipeg, Canada

    Wasn’t a big fan of his last book but I didn’t think the sky was falling either. In fact, I was encouraged by the few one-on-one conversations it sparked. I might or might not read this book but either way, the sky won’t fall this time either.

    Here’s an even-handed response that I just read and appreciated:

  • Russ Mitchell

    Is he on my radar?
    Yes, and obviously yours too. “Heretical” thinking is often what moves us forward in our thinking, so I welcome his writings, even when I disagree with them. A few comments on the video:
    1. The unfocused camera thing is annoying, not artsy
    2. This seemed to be a promotion for the creative process, not his book. I haven’t a clue what the book’s angle is from watching this
    3. Did you notice that when he opened the drawer of books he read in preparing, it included biographies of Kurt Cobain and Oasis?
    4. Dude could use a bookcase. Those things are going to fall over soon

  • Kevin Davis

    I think we need to hold off until we know more…preferably until we’ve actually read this book he’s working on.

    The video is typical Bell — pseudo artsy, disconnected thoughts, fondness for questions without answers, and so forth. But, the video tells us nothing about the book — its goals and aims are just mildly alluded to, and nothing like a thesis is given. So, we have to wait.

  • Agnikan

    More heretical than Driscoll? I think not.

  • Agnikan

    It’s Process Theology.

  • rumitoid

    If you can call yourself a Calvinist or Lutheran or Wesleyan (Oh, my), I would you say that you are far more “heretical” and dangerous. And labeling doctrines after these men proves the heretical nature of these nomenclatures. The Bible is about a spirit of action, TO BE as Christ was in the world, and not a system of belief, to know chapter and verse and what that means according to a particular sect. Evangelicals seem to do more to advance their ideas about God (and the Republican Party) than to advance the work of Christ in the world.

  • Noel

    Are the slaves that died on the slave ships that brought them to America in hell?