The Same Grace As Ray Lewis

The intriguing thing for me is non-Christians are beating Ray Lewis up for quoting scripture and the Christians are beating him up because “uhh, well, uhh, maybe because, he’s a guy who says he’s been changed by the power of Jesus, quoting scripture the best he can, sharing inspiration every chance he gets, representing shirts with scripture, the first words out of his mouth after winning the Super Bowl being scripture, because he’s got a past, he admits he used to be stupid and immature, he’s trying to look to the future, he had a road to Damascus experience, he forgives people that hate on him, he encourages people who are down and out, he wasn’t convicted of murder and…”

Ray Lewis has made a positive impact on the lives of many including Olympic Favorite, Michael Phelps. According to Phelps, Ray Lewis is who got Phelps back into the pool and kept him there. “He was probably the single reason I came back for four more years,’ Phelps said. “A lot of people don’t know that, but things that he has said to me, I can never thank him enough.”

As a former Prison Warden, I can say I’ve seen the Ray Lewis story up close and personal through the eyes of hundreds of really bad men who found Jesus. The one thing I can say about Ray Lewis, is that he blessed to be afforded a unique grace that can only be found through the blood of Jesus.

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