Would Jesus be on Facebook if He walked the earth today?

I live in Canada, a country that used to hold the title of “world’s heaviest internet user”. The average Canadian in 2011 would spend 45 hours online every month. In 2012 that number decreased to 41 hours per month which has led our neighbours to the south taking our title at 43 hours online per month. Canada has a population of 35 million and 26 million of those have the internet. Of the 26 million that have the internet, nearly 100 percent (99.5%) go online at least once a day. The point is this – people are spending significant periods of time online.  The world is changing quickly and we as Christians have to be aware and adapt to the change.

While there are many dangers of using the internet, there are also many benefits – just like anything else in the world. In my observations over the span of my short life, I’ve noticed that Christians are normally the last people who accept cultural technological change. A prime example is our worship services, we never used to have all the various instruments we now use in our singing. When we look at the delivery of the sermon and the invention of powerpoint, we see a gap in time before Pastors started utilizing it for their congregations. The point is that we as Christians are often too hesitant when it comes to technological change.

Now, back to the question. Would Jesus be on Facebook if He walked the earth today? Absolutely he would. Would he have a twitter account? Absolutely. I think he might even have a YouTube account. Why? Because Jesus utilized every platform he had to share the message of God. Every grace that God has given us, (this includes Facebook, Twitter, Coffee, Powerpoint, Food, Computers, Internet, etc) can and should be used to bring glory to God. The world is quickly changing around us and we as Christians should be aware of the change and act quickly on it. We should be discerning about it, but let’s not wait to see what everyone else does before we act. Christians should be the first to act. These mediums(Facebook, Twitter, etc) are all evidences of God’s common grace towards mankind, and we should use them for his glory.

The next time you login to Facebook, ask yourself these questions: “Am I using my Facebook account to spread the good news of Jesus Christ?” and “Am I conducting myself worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ?”. Answer those questions and move into the practical. Let’s not take our influence, no matter how small or big, for granted. Our Savior didn’t, and neither should we.

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