Why did God create Satan?

Recently someone asked me this question:

Why did God create Satan and allow (or predestine?) him and so many other angels to turn against God, and why did God allow (or, again, predestine?) Satan to successfully tempt our first parents in the garden?

This is a loaded question and one that we must answer carefully. I’m going to answer this question in 5 parts.

1. It was necessary to have the fall so that God could then have a reason to die for our sins thereby demonstrating that God can and does provide the greatest act of love which is to lay down one’s life for his friend (John 15:13).

2. The fall of Satan provides yet another method for God to be glorified in that God can use sin to prove that sin is “bad” and that God’s Word about righteousness is true.

3. If God is to have creatures with free will, then the risk of rebellion is part of that freedom.  Satan had that freedom and used it to rebel.

4. If God had not created Satan and instead another angel fell, then we’d be asking why God made that angel knowing he would fall.

5. God has reasons about which we know nothing.

Just over a year ago now, we had our son, Micah. I wasn’t oblivious to the fact that my son would one day disobey me. Even today at 13 months old, he disobey’s me. But that doesn’t mean that I should stop having kids because I know that one day they might rebel. Part of the risk of freedom is that rebellion will be a reality.

Now let’s shift the focus to all of humanity. There have only ever been three people on this entire earth that have had free will in things heavenly, Adam, Eve and Jesus. We read in Genesis chapter 3 of the terrible day where the entire human race fell into sin. Romans 5:12 says, “Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned.” Unlike the angels, Adam, Eve and Jesus we do not have free will in things heavenly. We are born into sin and frankly, all we want to do is sin. But the story doesn’t stop there, in the middle of our despair comes the Good News.

Jesus was born of a virgin, thus he wasn’t born into the sin and bondage that we are, He was born free. He lived his entire life free of sin, in word, thought and deed. He then went to the cross, suffered and died in our place. He absorbed the wrath of God and He took on all of the sins of His people, in exchange He gave them His perfect righteousness. Now in Jesus, we can live the life we were supposed to live, not because of anything done or said by us, only because of what He did some 2000 years ago. THAT is Good News.

The 5 answers were based off an article at

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  • Sami

    Forgive me for saying this but this still doesn’t stop me from learning and knowing more about God and worship him.

    That sounds like God is just toying us. That he made his creation and “hoped” or destined them to make mistakes so he can die on the cross and save some so he will be glorified, and take his precious ones to be with him.. Now, thinking of the eternal life, would God still be “toying” with us when we’re there with him? What game could he be playing then?

    I just had a dream lately and a mix of Satan being released for a time until he is permanently bound in the lake of burning sulfur.

    I’m confused with the many doctrines of the end times. I just hold on that Jesus will come again anytime soon despite what chronology.

    If all of earth is destroyed and we’re in heaven already, thinking back to my 2nd paragraph, could the 3rd paragraph be God’s new game that he will release Satan and do evil to us and test us until a portion of us who fall from Satan’s snare be disqualified and then thrown with Satan to the lake for fire? It’s God finally collected those who are truly his?

  • Frankie Lee

    I see the above explanations totally out of line,on what had been recorded in the bible and what were told to us by those Bible writers,who speak for God.
    1,U wrote:It was necessary to have the fall so that God could ..
    Me: It was never necessary for the Fall of angelic beings or humankind.The Bible said it was after the fall,the curse came,and not before the fall.
    God never created Satan,but God did create a good and holy Angel,Lucifer then.The ultimate decision Satan took,his own sovereign choice to rebel God,therefore it is evil and stupid to say that God created Satan,or God created Evil.It is akin to say that God tell lies in the past,mastermind everything-where we have no evidence of God being guilty of an act now,at this side of Heaven,so who are we to indict God?

    Satan told Eve,came out a doctrine and theory,that it was God who Predestinate,God knows in advanced,and as Eve suck into that Theory,how is it that people of today still follow after Eve’s naiveness?

    Rebelliousness and the choice of free-will,to offend God has never been understood by God,nor God had any ideas about it,and God was surprised,dissappointed when He saw that,and then God understood that-for the first time.There is a first time for God and so were it true also for human beings.

    Up till this day,God still would not tell lies,nor knew it,and many things God still could not do and know-but our Lord Jesus was tempted and suffered,and it is because Jesus went through earthly life’s temptations and problems,which is why the Bible says,because Jesus was tempted so He can help us.If Jesus did not go through,then He really could not help us,empathise,or fully understand us,as human beings.

    If God had foreknowledge ,the Bible says,He would not have created humans and all this mess.Jesus said,Heavenly Father is perfect,incapable of learning evil things nor understanding them,much worst to plan evils for His beings.God plan things only after the fall,and God could nt possibly have plan evils from the start,because God never knew.

    If the Bible told us God did not know or do certain things,who are we to indict God and preach that God did something,that is-God predestinate certain things?We would say it is a false charge against God,and to put an innocent people,or innocent God to task for crimes or wrongs he had never done,tat is blasphemy.

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