God was BIG at TGC13


Editor’s Note: Below is a guest post from Brendan McCaskell. Brendan has a B.A. in Business Administration and Biblical Studies from Canadian Mennonite University. He is also a youth pastor at City Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Find his blog at Reformed Ramblings.The Gospel Coalition bi-annual conference took place in sunny Orlando, Florida, a welcome relief from the (still!) two feet of snow in Winnipeg, Canada. Thousands of people gathered together with a single purpose: To revel in Go … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Respond to the Gay Community


1. Patiently Listen: “Let every person be quick to hear” (James 1:19). I don’t mean just to look for loopholes or a chance to criticize or find fault. We must listen so as to get to or gain the “heart thrust” of what a person is saying. This is hard work and an art — a skill to be learned. It’s not natural. It takes practice. Listen to what moves other people. Listen for where their passions lie, what they value, what their experience has been (especially with other Christians), and what they fea … [Read more...]

A Short Story For Those Wishing To Be Humble


One day two men went to church to pray.The first man was a shallow, uninformed evangelical. Everything about him shouted of squishy theology. He didn’t know or use big theological words. He watched Christian TV and thought it was deep. He bought books from the inspirational section of the bookstore. He attended one of those megachurches where the sermons are short and the worship leaders look like American Idol contestants.The second man who went to pray was different. He was a Christian … [Read more...]

“Where do you see yourself in 3 years?”


I work in a coffee shop. My job title is "new media specialist". What do I do? To name a few things, I build websites, create graphics and develop multimedia presentations. I really enjoy what I do, I get to work with several different companies and ministries. One of the benefits of working in a coffee shop, besides the quick access to coffee, is that I meet some fascinating people. I also hear some interesting conversations, in particular over the past few weeks a restaurant that is opening up … [Read more...]

Calvangelism. Does Evangelism Work With Calvinism?


Editor’s Note: Below is a guest post from Steve Swan. Steve is the associate pastor at The King’s Fellowship, a church in the heart of Winnipeg, Canada. Steve is married to his best friend, Sarah and they have two daughters, Nora(3) and Lulu(1). You can find his blog at Words of Truth & Reason.How can you evangelize if you’re a Calvinist?  Every once in a while someone will challenge me, specifically about how I can believe in the Reformed view of salvation and be into evangelism.  Ma … [Read more...]

Why did God create Satan?


Recently someone asked me this question: Why did God create Satan and allow (or predestine?) him and so many other angels to turn against God, and why did God allow (or, again, predestine?) Satan to successfully tempt our first parents in the garden? This is a loaded question and one that we must answer carefully. I'm going to answer this question in 5 parts.1. It was necessary to have the fall so that God could then have a reason to die for our sins thereby demonstrating that God can and … [Read more...]

John MacArthur Predicts Reversal of the Reformed Revival


PART 1PART 2 … [Read more...]