Puppies, Butterflies and Kum Bah Yah

After a few of my recent posts have inspired some, let’s just call it “passionate” debate [same sex marriage & gun violence] I figured I should play it a little safe with this one.  I will say that while a vast majority of the comments and interaction have been pretty civil, I have received private messages that have been slightly disturbing.  It does sadden me that it seems as if society can no longer see that moving towards the improvement of the common good requires us to be able to see to the other side of even the most contentious of debates, without dismissing one another as the worst of enemies.  There is a future post in here somewhere, but suffice it to say that I will always choose to assume the best of all people, not foolishly, but with a hope that we can be community even when we disagree. In short, I will not allow for trolls and purveyors of destructive rhetoric, from any side, to guide our theological and political discourse. We must all press on . . .

With that said, after reading some recent comments, personal emails commanding me to do things that I am fairly confident are not anatomically possible and even offending people with me newbie photography advice,  I joked with my family that sometimes it seems as if no matter what I post, someone out there will get pissed off to the point of starting a note, “Dear Fascist . . .”  unless . . .

Me, “I think my next post will be on cotton candy . . . everyone loves cotton candy!”

My daughter, “Better watch out dad, the dentists will get after you.”

Foiled again!

But wait a minute, puppies and butterflies, that’s the ticket! Certainly we can gather ’round the metaphorical campfire, join hands and rock us some kum bah yah* around puppies and butterflies . . . can’t we 😉

Here are two pics from a couple of recent photography dalliances . . .

First the butterfly . . . taken on a recent visit to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Plantation in Charlottesville, VA. [more pics]

. . . and how cute is this? A dachshund, jack russell mix dressed up for SF Pride? [more pics]

So there you have it, a few images upon which I hope we can find common ground this day.  Have a great week!

*As much Kum Bah Yah is an easy target, it’s meaning, “Come by here” calling for God to be present in all that we do, in struggle and in celebration, guides my life, understanding and hope for humanity and the world.

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  • So adorable puppy!

  • Cute puppy!

  • This puppy is very good looking. I wonder why he is so nice in making up some post.

  • Rosalyn Pack

    I’m sad that so many people cannot seem to have a civil discussion about things they disagree on these days. I’ve enjoyed your posts, even on the few occasions that I disagree with you. And…the puppy is cute!

  • @twitter-43317097:disqus Yes, for sure, salt in flavorful moderation, but sometimes . . . 

  • @NicodemusLegend:disqus While a worthy attempt, you will have to step up the vitriolic language 😉

  • Bruce,

    Thanks for your candor,

    Isn’t it amazing that even a picture of a dog can be a political statement. It’s a pretty bland world if we don’t throw some salt around once in a while!

  • Bruce,

    Thanks for your candor,

    Isn’t it amazing that even a picture of a dog can be a political statement. It’s a pretty bland world if we don’t throw some salt around once in a while!

  • As a member of the anti-dog (pro-cat) lobby, I hereby condemn you! 😉

    (So sorry that your efforts have been treated so rudely)

  • kathleen

    Bruce, I read through and through and through all of the fighting dancing around the last question of gay marriage. I myself thought the question was one that needed discussing, it is currently discussed within my happy marriage a lot.  Through all the madness and ugliness I kept thinking, “what does Bruce think about this? How has this innocuous question, just a question, turned into such an ugly tennis match of a rant?”  So today I guess I have to thank you for having the guts to ask the “hard” questions and the grace to laugh about the hits taken in their wake.  Keep asking and Kum Bah Yah! 

  • @twitter-23978796:disqus Damn unicorns 😛

  • I hear that they get around 😉

  • @710e2d88f37519ba5ba9f8f0aba9891d:disqus Well thanks for commenting and hanging in there amidst all of the passionate interaction!  If you can think of some good topics to tackle, please feel free to let me know.

  • @facebook-1484623424:disqus Thanks. I appreciate it.

  • Hang in there Bruce, we all need a little perspective and yours is more compelling than most. I’ve always enjoyed your inspiration to see challenges and make changes. Peace and grace.

  • jthomas

    Haha, you two…

  • Revcfry

    I am grateful for ALL you share here on your blog.  I’m a “newbie” when it comes to this blog and so much more.  Thank you for the photos that remind us of all the beauty and good in the world (dogs dressed up for Pride Parade definitely included!).

  • grace abounds

    That same butterfly was on my coneflowers yesterday!

  • Anonymous

    Only you could find something ugly to say about a puppy, Frank … 🙁

  • Frank

    Posting a picture of a dog at Pride with rainbow bandanna is hardly safe nor unbiased! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That is an adorable puppy. 🙂

  • What happened to Unicorns?  you have something against unicorns?