Praying for Peace on Saturday

I’ll be joining many others in praying for the situation in Syria on Saturday because I think it’s time we realize that Dr. King was right: we can’t cure violence with violence. Mirroring violent behavior sets vicious cycles of offense and revenge in motion. We need a more creative response – not passivity, not inaction, [Read More…]

Q&R: How Do you Find a Community of Open-Minded Christians?

Here’s the Question: Just finished your book. It REALLY spoke to me. It’s where I’m headed in my life’s journey. That said I fear that I may be quite alone the closer I get to this transformation. The church i attend is nowhere close to such a paradigm shift (and they are far from mainstream). Living out [Read More…]

Home from Wild Goose…

That’s Wild Goose in a nutshell – having an Evangelical activist and a Jesuit activist as roommates. [Read more…]

About Egypt

I have great respect for the work of Muslim intellectual Dalia Mogahed, co-author with John Esposito of Who Speaks for Islam, an incredibly important book. The post below is important for several reasons. Obviously, it sheds important light on the dangerous situation in Egypt, especially the stage-management being planned by the military junta, and the subversion of democracy in [Read More…]

Big Consequences. Big Opportunities. Big Choices.

I don’t often engage in prediction, but here’s one I can venture to make, not as prognostication, but as warning and call to action. American Christians of all denominations and races are going to choose between four widely diverging paths in the decade ahead. The first road – wide and well-paved – invites its travelers [Read More…]

Q&R: Responding Charitably

So often, our communication efforts are compromised by our fear of losing. I think we would be wise to cultivate another fear – a fear of winning at our counterpart’s expense. [Read more…]

Trayvon and George: A Tale of Two Americas

Emerging America owns both Trayvon and George as their beloved sons, their Cain and Abel, their Jacob and Esau, their older and younger sons in Jesus’ most famous (but often worst-interpreted) parable. That’s why Emerging America is heartbroken about the recent verdict. [Read more…]

Q&R: The Word “Marriage”

Here’s the Question from a Reader: Recently read your book another kind of Christianity and it made me think a lot. Also challenged some of my traditional conservative beliefs.One thing it did was show me that there were classes of people I just did not like. But Jesus loved everyone ! Another thing was love [Read More…]

Lisa Sharon Harper Gets it Right on Affirmative Action

According to a February 2013 Brandeis University Institute on Assets and Social Policy study, the wealth gap between white and black Americans in the United States grew from $85,070 in 1984 to $236,500 in 2009… [Read more…]

An Open Letter to Worship Songwriters

Several years ago, I wrote an open letter for worship songwriters and leaders. It appeared inWorship Leader magazine and was widely distributed. It seemed like time for an update (especially in light of the “Liturgical Challenge” section of my most recent book) … Feel free to pass it on to a worship leader or songwriter you know [Read More…]