Q&R: Christ and His Death

Here’s the Question: Hi Brian. Great work you doing, Bro. Hang in there. A question about your Christology. Have read several of your books but can’t really get a handle on your idea of the need for Christ and His death. If you don’t believe in original sin, what do you think was the purpose [Read More…]

Q&R: Bible Study Materials for a 7-Year-Old?

Here’s the Q: I am most of the way through “Why did….cross the road” and loving it. My question is after reading chapter 21, where can i find a good bible story resource for doing with my 7-year-old? Here’s the R: First, I’m so glad you’re asking this question. If we’re going to reduce hostility between religions, [Read More…]

Bible Study: Does Hebrews support blood atonement?

I noticed that my friend Tony Jones is frustrated with Hebrews (an anonymous epistle in the New Testament) for its atonement theory. I wrote a chapter on atonement and eucharist in my most recent book, Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? I knew I had to deal with Hebrews and so dug in for [Read More…]

Q&R: Law is Love?

The “righteousness” that must “surpass that of the scribes and Pharisees” if we are to live in the commonwealth of God: going beyond a law written on stone (or paper), to a law written on the heart: the law of love. [Read more…]

Joining the Resurrection

Easter celebrates not only the resurrection of one man, but the resurrection of the whole human race. [Read more…]

Drones and Good Friday

One of my Good Friday disciplines is to remember Jesus’ words, “Don’t weep for me, daughters of Jerusalem.” I then ask for whom I should weep today. Someday President Obama and all Americans will be ashamed of this … http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/26/drone-visualization-pakistan_n_2957779.html So, tomorrow, as I remember Jesus and his suffering, I will think of people suffering [Read More…]

Why I Support Rob Bell’s Stance on Gay Marriage

[Read more…]

Q & R: Trinity – A stumbling block for unity?

Here’s the Question: In your book Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? are you saying this Doctrine should stay around but in the reformulated state of “Social Trinitarianism” because you believe it or because we can not move forward without bringing it along with us? It seems to us (the study [Read More…]

Lent: Maybe It’s About Adding, Not Subtracting

Adding something good to your life during Lent — say, reading the gospels — may mean giving up stuff that you need to give up anyway. [Read more…]

Q&R: Faith in Public Life

How do you distinguish between those moral issues that ought to be confronted in the Church alone, and those moral issues that ought to be confronted by the Church in the culture at large? [Read more…]